Saturday, October 22, 2016

Happy Autumn!

There was a lot of talk the we would not have good foliage this year in New England because of the drought....but let me tell you , that couldn't be further from the truth! Just stepping outside, or taking a ride anywhere is a huge treat to see all the spectacular colors!

So when I saw that Halcraft was hosting a contest for fall photos, I knew I had to submit something because my photo albums in my phone and on my computer are overflowing with New England fall foliage photos!  This is one of my views at work, and it was one of my favorites from last week so here is the one I submitted:

Fortunately I was selected as a finalist in the contest!  If you have a moment, I'd be grateful for your "like", if you like the photo/palette.  Just visit Halcraft's Facebook page or click here! All the photos and palettes are quite gorgeous so I encourage you to take a peek! Erin of Treasures Found is selecting the prize beads so I couldn't be more excited for this opportunity!

Here are some more lovelies from my albums if you are in the mood for fall!

There has been plenty of beading in my life lately too!  Over the summer, a friend of mine in D.C. extended a huge favor to me. Since then I've been attempting to make her something bead-y as a thank you.  I struggled a bit coming up with something I thought would be fitting for her, and ended up with this lariat/earring combo!

For a while, as I was working on this, I wasn't sure how I wanted the lariat to meet up at the neckline, but finally decided to build a loop in the strand for the opposing side to enter!

And finally - there are plenty of Bead-it-Forward quilts (finally!) available online!! There are still several items left over from last year's animal theme, and now there are many space themed items available too!  Check it out here:

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wedding Jewelry, Bead-It-Forward, Blue Ribbons and more!

Once again, I'm stunned at the amount of time that has passed since my last post (why does this feel like confession.....#formercatholicstruggles)!!

The summer passed at a lightening speed and fall is in full swing!  Work has been busy, but it's been an interesting and fun few months for which I remain grateful that I'm in a job that I enjoy so much! Here are a few moments from the recent past:
Farm dinners! 

Bridal magazine editorial shoot with this gorgeous white horse! 

Caught in the act snapping pics for social media and web updates!

My stepdaughter's wedding came and went and it was a lot of fun to see the bridal party wearing the jewelry I made for them!
My husband hand-painted these boxes and added initials for each of the bridal party!

So pretty! 

Close ups of the earrings and bracelet each of them wore!
I had a huge thrill at the beginning of fall when two pieces I submitted to The Eastern States Exposition.  Also known more commonly as The Big E, this is a multi state fair that takes place in Western Massachusetts which I attended annually as a young child and pre-teen! Anyway - they both won a blue ribbon!

In other beading news, I'm have a few bead projects on my table.  One if for a good friend who did me a huge favor recently and I am otherwise getting geared up for a few craft fairs coming up for the holiday season.  Pictured here are some of my own designs, but also Kristen Stephens' "Pop Up Pearls" and Sabine Lippert's "Scheherazade Pendant".

In Bead-It-Forward news....2016 space-themed quilts are coming together slowly, but surely!  Once they are laid out, I glue the squares into place and then tack them down with a needle and thread and one bead at each corner.  It's a slow process, but this batch should be on the site (and on an Etsy site for purchase) this week!  Proceeds will go to The Healing Garden in Massachusetts.  We just sent them a check for $500 from an event at Quilts & Treasures a few weeks ago! Can't wait to send them more!

The 2017 fantasy theme is bringing forth some very fun patterns!  Here are a few, but head over to the site to see more! A big thanks to all the pattern contributors!

And finally a few autumn images!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

ZnetShows New Arrivals Blog Hop

As always it was a huge treat to receive my package from Znet Shows!!  My package contained two types of new arrivals: flat freeform two-hole clothing button beads and graduated center cut freeform regular center drilled nuggets.  Each set of beads was in the color: light aqua 'coke' bottle seafoam.  It reminded me of the color of sea glass I see when I visit the beach on the Atlantic coast.

Just a few days before my Znet Shows package arrived, I came across some photos of a beach in Fort Bragg, California.  It's claim to fame is the sea glass on its beach from trash that was dumped there over half a century ago!

It looks absolutely beautiful, and it inspired me when it was time to start working with my cultured sea glass! I gathered up various colors of Czech fire polished beads and got to work!  I worked up a right-angle-weave strip and affixed the two hole button beads!

When it was time to work with the large hole freeform nuggets, I leaned towards a more traditional sea glass look featuring the sea glass along with sand colors.

After gathering my beads that I thought would work well with this idea, it seemed that freeform bead weaving was the way to go!

The light aqua 'coke bottle' sea foam color worked perfectly with the sand colored beads!

Some earrings with some free form embellishment nuggets were the perfect match for the free form necklace!

Check out this group of designers who received some new arrivals from ZNet Shows for this challenge:
(you are here: Amy Severino)
Karla Morgan (revealing on 8/22/16)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

ZnetShows Creative Spark and More!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!!!

The latest issue of Creative Spark is now live and it is filled with inspiration!!  ZnetShows specializes in cultured sea glass and the variety of cultured sea glass options are huge! They also have a wide selection of Chinese crystal which pack so much sparkle!!

I had the opportunity to use both the tiny rondelle crystals and large hole rings cultured sea glass.  You can see my challenge creations and so many more in the summer 2016 issue:

I loved seeing everyone's work!  There are some fun items in there included non-jewelry work and a feature on how other beader's store their beads!

In other news, I was able to finish my jewelry for the first wedding of the season.  And that wedding was amazing! It's hard to believe my best friend's DAUGHTER got married! When did I get old enough for that to happen!?

My son, me, my husband!

Now it's time to finish my jewelry for my stepdaughter's wedding that takes place next week!!

Of course I can't skip my new favorite activity which is hiking and birding.  Here is a sweet warbler I came across the other day who was signing his little heart out!

At the farm where I work, we have many killdeer. One of the killdeer laid her eggs right smack in the middle of the row of radishes! haha!  Our farm team gingerly worked around her, and after about one month those babies are here.  And if you don't think these darlings are cute.....well....

Those tiny wings! those tail feathers! all the fuzz!!!  I can't even!!!!

And speaking of cute baby friend and I made a trip to Crane Beach last weekend where the endangered piping plovers breed during the summer months.  This cutie practically walked up to our blanket! Last year I was able to come earlier in the season.  This is more of a juvenile....but stil cute!

Finally - here are some fun new menu items from work last week! yum!

Enjoy the weekend!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

More Beads, More Birds

There are a few weddings on my calendar in the coming weeks and that means plenty of custom beadwork to match dresses!

I recently completed the jewelry for my stepdaughter's bridesmaids:

I need to get some jewelry ready for my dress for that wedding coming up in only three weeks! Yikes!!

But before that, my best friend's daughter is getting married! (How is that possible that I am old enough for this to be happening!?!?!)  Her wedding is next week.  The dress I'm wearing to her wedding has a beautiful print (bohemian? Indian? I'm not really sure what you'd call it!!)

I was inspired to create a peyote cuff to match the pattern.

I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely the pattern worked up with the Delica beads, and created a full pattern booklet for my patterns shop!  This is done in champagne gold, navy, and white pearl, but I think any contrasting colors would look really cool!

As referenced in the title of this post, I've also been doing quite a bit of birding lately as well.  In trying to make exercising a priority, I've been heading out to our local trails nearly every morning and the birding has been sensational!  Although one my recent favorites was from the farm of this ridiculously adorable killdeer chick!!!  CAN YOU EVEN STAND IT!! Those fuzzy tail feathers!

There is another nest on the farm about to hatch too!  I didn't even realize I was coming upon the nest and unwittingly came upon a very angry killdeer adult!

And it seems I have a knack for stumbling upon active nests...I became a little fearful of this osprey mama who started dive bombing me even though i was several hundred feet away!!!

Here are some more, gentler birds I've seen over the last few weeks!

Happy Father's Day!