Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I need more TIME! I'm sure every beader like myself know who you are.... dreams about being able to spend your days and nights just beading. But there's this whole 'got to make a living' problem getting in our way!!


I enjoy my job immensely. I also have a volunteer gig of running a charity golf tournament that eats up my time this time of year. And so at this moment....I'm on my 12th hour working on work and golf tournie stuff and have barely given my beads a second glance today. Oh yeah, and then there is the being a mom thing...and keeping the house in some semblance of shopping....sorting through the mail...shall I go on??!??!!

There are upcoming contests burning holes into my beadweaving fingertips....and then there's the craft fair stuck in the middle for the more sensible items (badge holders, inexpensive earrings, etc...) that I need to make to keep this hobby/dream alive!

For now though, while I watch American Idol's results show with mt 8-year-old, I shall work on completing this little piece:

which needs a hanging apparatus and a little more embellishment before I submit it for a wonderful little contest called "Bead Star".

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