Friday, October 29, 2010


It's Friday night! TGIF! I had a productive day (working my "real job") and now I've settled down with a glass of wine. My husband is at a happy hour with some of his former work buddies (something he rarely does, so I'm really glad he's catching up with them.) My son is watching his favorite Disney shows....and me...well, I'm kind of missing my girlfriends! Unfortunately some of my closest friends are not close in proximity!!

My bestest bestie in the world is someone I met 37 years ago. And it's a cute story: when I was 4 years old, our back yard shared a fence with the local elementary school yard (which was a huge black asphalt lot!). I would play out back and when the kids came out to recess, I would hang out and watch them. At some point, my very best friend, Barbara, a kindergartner at the time, came over to the fence and made friends with me!!! We talked every day at the fence during recess and have been best friends since. She stayed in Massachusetts though, and after college, I found myself in the D.C. area. We talk just about every day though! Here we are at my wedding (two years ago this month!):

(my beading friends - I made the bridesmaids' jewelry but I also made the beaded dragonfly seen in the bouquet Barb is holding! I put those cute little dragonflies in all thebouquets and table arrangements too - it was sooooo fun adding that beaded touch to the wedding!)

Another close friend of mine I met shortly after my son was born. I had my son in a daycare in the USDA Building along the National Mall. My dear friend Bridget had her daughter in there as well. They were born one week apart and we started daycare on the same day. She worked in genocide research at the Holocaust Museum which is next door, and I was working as the sales director for a handful of restaurants in downtown D.C. We would arrive to pick up our kids at almost exactly the same time each day, and we both were nursing our babies so the first thing we needed to do when we arrived is nurse them. And the funny thing was, the center banished us to a back room so no one would see us nursing our children (LOL!). And so Bridget and I spent evening after evening together in that back room for at least 6 months. Today I live near Annapolis, MD, and she is lives in Northern VA. On the map we are only about an hour away from each other, but with D.C. in between us, the traffic can be pretty unpredictable! Even so, we've tried to keep up a tradition we have each year of taking our kids to a pumpkin patch in the fall.

(I know the collage is Jackson-heavy, but Bridget's kids are in the pics in the blue shirts.)
The kids had a blast this year picking pumpkins, running through the evergreen maze, the hayride and they absolutely loved the "mobile mining experience". Bridget's daughter left me with some amethyst she mined to bead up some earrings for her.

I wrapped them up with some seed beads. They are a little big for earrings for a 9 year old, but I think a necklace is in order!

So I raise my wine glass to my dear friends who I wish could be joining me in a glass of wine tonight!


  1. CHEERS to you my most wonderful bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!

  2. What a sweet post! My bestest bestist is 2 states away! What a beautiful pic of the two of you!



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