Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Great Find & A Preliminary Review

I've been walking a lot more recently since my son started school and because of that I have taken an interest in the Skechers Shape Up shoes. Like a good consumer, I figure, why not get a work out while I'm walking!!?!?! After reading the reviews I definitely decided I wanted a pair but was shocked to see they cost about $100!!! In spite of that though, I decided I was going to get them when I had a little extra cash.

Well today, I was buzzing through WalMart and happened to glance down one of the shoe aisles and saw some 'Rocker Bottom Toning" sneakers!!!! I picked up this pair:

They are the Danskin version of the shoe, a knock-off of the Skechers, which is apparently a knock-off of a type of MTB shoe (which at $200+ a pair was never in my league to even know about!). And here is the best part: they were only $25!

So now I present to you my preliminary review of the Danskin Now Athena Rocker Bottom Toning Shoes:
They feel very strange at first when you put them on, but I got used to them right away. I immediately noticed that they make you stand up straighter to keep your balance. Now when I say that, it's not like you are going to fall down if you don't stand up straight, it is simply more comfortable and less awkward feeling to do so. Also - because of the bottom of the shoe, you are forced to walk heel to toe on each step. You can definitely feel some of the muscles in the front of your pelvis getting 'worked' as well as some feeling in the gluts!

So far so good. But we're only talking about a couple hours in the shoes! Hee hee! In any case though, they seem like a good way to get a feel for shoes of this type without spending big bucks to do so!

While I'd like to promise that I will take my measurements and give a measured review in a few weeks, I will probably just let you know if my pants are fitting better!!!

For now though, I'm off to my bead room because I did some misbehaving at Michael's today. (I really went in for a replacement pair of needlenose pliers.....but...um...they were having a sale of 40% off on all of the "bead gallery" strung beads!!!)

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