Friday, October 29, 2010

Margie & Me challenge

I had some time challenges this round of the M&M challenge. But I still had fun with it! I love the antiquish whites and the blue in this picture:

Generally though, I have a hard time with whites in my beadwork. I find they look too wedding-y or babyish. I went through the delica colors listed in the book (of which I had all the delicas - in another post I will share how/why I have SO many delicas) and collected the colors in this palette. My first urge was to do a piece similar to the last M& M challenge - you know, bead up some beads with the delicas and make a necklace! That felt a little lazy to me though so I looked through some of my glass blown beads and was thrilled to find these great lentil shaped beads (albeit humongous lentils!) and a Venetian oblong bead.

They are heavier in pink than the palette shows, but I still found them to be a good fit. You can see a rejected start of a bezel set in the top left corner! Hah!

I tried a handful of ideas in my head:

I thought I was settled on this bead wrapped in a tubular herringbone twist:

But I couldn't decide on how I wanted to incorporate it into a piece of jewelry. So then I strung another bit of tubular twisted herringbone and came up with this:

Fun, fun, fun as usual! I had never attempted twisted tubular herringbone before this challenge. The method is way easier than I thought it would be - as is herringbone in general - I can't believe I've shied away from it for so many years!


  1. This is soo cute! I love both of them and I think you have yourself a great piece of jewelry! Congrats!

  2. I love how you used the herringbone twist to create a bead!

  3. Oh, I really think you nailed the challenge this time. I also had problems with what I created, so mine is still not finished. Great color combos!

  4. Very nice. Thanks for the link to the Haute Contest. Loved seeing all the entries!!

  5. What a great interpretation!! I love it.


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