Monday, November 22, 2010


And you thought elections were over on November 2!

It is apparently competition season. And I'm only now realizing that the 'public' vote on all of these competitions I've entered, is one right after another or even worse - the same time!!!

I feel so funny campaigning for votes for my beadwork. Even though I'd really like to get everyone's vote! So how do I humbly ask my 312 Facebook friends to vote for me? And if they are feeling generous - to persuade their friends to vote for me? Or how do I get the 180 Facebook fans on my FB Amybeads page (102 of those, are part of the aforementioned 312) to vote for me? And how do I do it without annoying anyone? Or have it seem like I'm begging.

I don't know why I feel so awkward about it. I feel less awkward "campaigning" to my"fans" than my "friends"...I mean, they did opt to BE my fan....but then again I passively suggested they be my fan....well, at least 102 of them were suggestions, I'm not really sure how I got the other 78.

But at the same time, I want EVERYONE'S vote! But I think I'll seem like junk mail if I start today by saying - okay everyone - time to vote for People's Choice in the Haute Couture contest - voting ends November 25!!!! Please vote for me! And while you are at it...head on over to the page and vote for the Hero's Adornment piece...I'd really like that prize! Voting ends December 8!!!! Please vote for me! Oh and since you are in a voting mood - some time after November 30th, would you mind terribly clicking here to vote for my Art With Heart Cycle 3 piece! Please vote for meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so begins my campaigning quandary. I would like to just submit my pieces and let whatever happens happen. But I know my competitors aren't doing that - and so not wanting to feel at a disadvantage....I must campaign! But I also know that maybe FB friend Jane Doe might go ahead and vote the first time I ask her to. But then I'll ask again a few days later, and maybe she will, maybe she won't. And then I'll ask AGAIN a week later and then she will either really be into it, or she might roll her eyes and click "hide this post" or even worse: "hide all posts from Amybeads". AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

What to do?!?! Well, I think I've mostly figured it out. Truth is, two of the competitions have peoples choice votes available and no prize. The actual winners are determined by a panel of judges. But one of them, has no judges and some really great prizes! So...while it would be really cool to win people's choice in the other contests...I think I'll spend my campaigning energy on the one with the great prize!

In the meanwhile....I will go ahead and add a couple of links on the sidebar - so if any of my WONDERFUL followers and readers feels so inclined, I'd be most appreciative of your vote. :)
All of this reminds me of a wonderful story. A story about a popular vote. If you've ever read my "bio", it tells a story of a 25 year old girl, who on her birthday was walking by a store in Washington D.C. called Beadazzled. She wondered to herself, "hmmm, how could there be an entire store for just beads?"

Well....that was over 16 years ago and the rest, shall we say, is history. I spent years and years buying beads in Beadazzled, til I realized they come a little cheaper in other stores, shows and internet sites. That is not to say, I don't still patronize Beadazzled ...because I do...quite happily. It is a wonderful store, that since my first trip in there 16 years ago, has expanded to to add stores in Baltimore, MD and Tyson's Corner, VA. They carry pretty much any and every seed bead color, finish and size you can imagine and lots and lots of wonderfully unique beads.

Earlier this year, they held a pearl necklace contest. In one of the eras of my 16 years of beading I was somewhat obsessed with pearls and so I had a treasure of pearls in my stash so I was super excited to enter this contest.

I created this piece. Which at first didn't sit right. So I redid it TWICE before I was satisfied. I took one of them apart and started over. And the second time I just started a brand new piece:

I have to say - it was a HUGE thrill for me to have one of MY pieces displayed in a Beadazzled. After all, that store was my beady beginning!

It was a public vote. For 10 days. Customers in the store would be encouraged to vote on the pearl necklace contest. My husband works near this store. So I sent him in. Honey, please vote for me. But really - how do I get my audience to head over to a brick & mortar store and actually place a vote?!

Well....then....something truly magical happened!!!!!!

On June 18th, it was announced that I was the First Place winner of the multi-strand category! They liked me! They really really liked me! Okay - but seriously - with very little campaigning....I won this contest! It was a feeling I'll never forget. The only people I personally know that voted for me were my husband, and myself. I have never felt more validated as an artist than I did that day.

And once again, I'm tempted to say, let me just submit these contest pieces and let whatever happen, happen......but in this digital age I think it's smarter to leave you with this:


  1. That's fantastic!

    And I agree -- the voting thing is tough. I almost never enter things that require votes because it stresses me out -- but that's me. I'm so darned hard on myself, and never think my stuff measures up. But YOUR things -- wow. I'd say go for it! Do it now!

  2. Great story about the Beadazzled pearl contest! You must have felt like a million bucks!!!


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