Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting ready

Getting ready for a craft show! Next Saturday. It's one of the bigger ones in the area. Last year's show took place on the day we had the first in a series of snow storms. It was a baby storm by comparison - only 4 inches - but other vendors told me it really affected attendance. I thought it was pretty busy! So...I can only theorize, that with a sunny day in the forecast, this show should be great!

I have a mini lighted Christmas tree I place on my table. Last year I put beaded dragonflies on the tree and they were a hit. Even though it wasn't my intention - I sold them all! So this year I am planning to place these little guys all over the tree:

and these little guys

Unfortunately, this bright idea came to me yesterday, so I now have less than a week to make enough to cover the tree!!!

Here is another activity I am getting geared up for this week:

I am a den leader for one of the dens in my son's Cub Scout pack. But I am also the only trained "Whittlin' Chip" instructor among the leaders. What does that mean exactly?! Well...I get to train a bunch of 8 year old boys on how to use a knife! Scary sounding, huh?! But it's all good. We take it slow. I start them on bars of Ivory soap and a sharpened popsicle stick(they learn their sharpening skills by making the stick sharp). It then takes us about 3-4 den meetings before we finish these lovely little bears carved out of soap! Then we move onto paring knives, but they wear work gloves and we learn to carve different types of vegetables. Then we move onto wood, and remove the gloves. And VOILA! The result is an 8 year old, who can safely use a knife! (Did I mention there is a huge pledge they take reciting all the rules on safely using a knife?!) It's a huge right of passage for them in the pack and it's fun to train them on it. They get so serious, and they are always SO proud of their bears!


  1. Oh my hubby still brags about his "Tote and Chip" badge! And I have to say he is fabulous with a knife! I love your stars!


  2. I remember whittling Ivory soap!

    I'm in the middle of a big show, and have another one-day show next weekend. I'm ready for it to be DONE!


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