Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hero's Adornment and a muse on inspiration...

I think I mentioned in another post that I was going a little outside the box for my What Inspires You contest piece. Frankly - it is difficult to choose ONE thing that inspires me!! I finished my Art With Heart competition piece recently and was genuinely inspired by the Autumn foliage I saw here on the East Coast. Pink is one of my favorite colors, so all I have to do sometimes is see the right shade of pink beads, and I'm inspired by that. The Margie & Me color challenges on La Bella Joya's blog inspire me. Other bead artists inspire me. Artists of any kind inspire me! Creating a gift for someone special inspires me. Really....the list goes on and on!!!

But shortly after the announcement of this contest, my 9 year old walked into my 'bead room' with one of his LEGO® toys that he had just built and asked how I liked it. I think his exact words were "How do you like this warrior hero?!"

As usual, I was quite taken with the color selection he chose to create this warrior hero!! I asked him to please leave it in the room, because, I was in fact, inspired by that action figure!! It was decided that moment that I would use this action figure as my "What Inspires You" inspiration! And I told my little fella' so! (to which he was quite excited!!)

So looking at this piece, I gathered up the beads that I felt were a good representation of this wonderful warrior hero. And I am sure I don't need to explain to anyone who has a young child about how these LEGO® toys snap together so perfectly. The way these toys come together, really made me think of peyote stitch, especially the way the beads snap together - just like a LEGO®! The figure also reminded me of 3D geometric shapes. So I got busy making beaded beads of pyramids and cylinders!

And after a couple weeks I had this necklace:

You may find it amusing to know, that since that fateful day when I let my son know that I was using one of his toys as my inspiration...there have been similar heroes, in different color schemes, parading through my bead room, with my son asking, "Does this one inspire you?" "Do you want me to leave this one here?" Too cute!

I hope you will vote for my piece some time between November 23 & December 8!

Also - if you feel like getting in on a great giveaway - Julsbeads is giving away three of her gorgeous glass beads. If I win I don't know how I'll decide between these cuties:

or these colorful rings:


  1. Oh that is perfection! My sweet babes inspire me too and they have better color choices than I do! I will be voting you can be sure! Pieces made with heart are a treasure to behold!


  2. I saw your entry after I had entered my wall hanging into the contest. I thought even then that I really like it. And now that I've seen you on Beading Daily and reading your blog I like it even more....

  3. AWESOME Bionicle there! And how cool -- we truly CAN be inspired by ANYTHING around us!


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