Friday, November 19, 2010

Things I like!

I was walking along the B&A Trail recently and saw a construction crew tearing down trees in a forest for a housing development. It kind of freaked me out and I was starting this post ranting and raving about it. But I didn't like that. So I decided instead to post about things I LIKE!


And no, I don't mean picnic, like the kind you do on a beautiful day on a grassy knoll. I am referring to the amazing site: It is a photo editing site that allows you to fix and edit photos absolutely free. I almost always need to adjust the exposure on all my pictures. They always appear darker on camera than they actually are. So I can take a picture like this:

and turn it into a picture like this(its actual color):
Did I mention you can also crop, and add text!?
I used this site to create my Etsy banner:

and an ad that had a 100X100 pixel spec:

And it's fast and easy. I recently upgraded from my free account to a "premium" account. At $25 a year, you can't really beat the features! Plus it's available to me where ever I have web access! But you may not even need the premium account because you can do so much for free! You can create collages, add special effects, text, stickers, resize, fix exposure, color and more:

There is also a feature that I haven't used yet that allows you to upload your edited photos directly to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Picasa, Photobucket, Flickr, etc.!

My Husband
He's the cutie featured just above in the collage. Love him!

Funny Stories
So my son and I go to the National Zoo quite often. We both love the bird section. We went there over the summer and saw this really neat bird (note the bird's name):

Well, when we got home my husband asks what kind of animals we saw....and my son said,
"we saw flamingos, the flamingo babies, an ostrich, and a cocky bastard." LOL!

The Royal Engagement

How CUTE are these two!?!?!? I am a shameless celebrity follower. I don't subscribe to People magazine, but is my homepage when I open up my browser!!! And frankly I was delighted by this royal engagement!!! AND - fellow beaders - one article I read about Kate's influence on fashion noted her affinity for long beaded necklaces!

Here are a couple of really really cool giveaways. The first one I saw this week was on Kind Over Matter. And this giveaway is practically rivaling Oprah's Favorite Things. Okay, well that might be an exaggeration, but this one really is a giveaway BONANZA!

The other one I'm really crossing my fingers to be the winning draw is on the Where Women Create blog. They featured the Brave Girls Club giveaway of a free online workshop. This workshop looks so neat, I may even take the class even if I don't win! (and there it is....proof that a promotion like this DOES work to drum up more business!!!)

Well, my list of "likes" could go one for quite a while, but I will stop here. Have a wonderful and creative weekend!

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  1. Amy thanks for the info on Picnik I think I am going to try it soon! I LOVE the necklace that is stunning!


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