Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday sparkle

It was a great weekend!!!! It was cold and it rained terribly all day Sunday....which was a perfect excuse to stay in and craft all day!

The weekend started Friday night with my son's school's Winter Dance. I think it is so cute that they do a dance for the kids. The kids have such a good time! The DJ was great playing all the kids' faves from Nickelodeon like Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria Justice and Jackson's favorite, Big Time Rush (I've been scouring the web looking for 2011 tour dates in our area for a Christmas present!)

Saturday we found a pretty tree and put it up! And then I went on a cleaning blitz.

But Sunday is when the fun began! I pretty much spent the whole day in my bead/craft room....working on a special requested collage:

and after playing with my big collage I remembered I had some Easy Cast from last year and played around with some teeny collaging...and stamping....and glittering:

And then I moved onto the real holiday sparkle by working on some birds for my tree:

The Martha Stewart glitter collections have to be one of my most favorite-est craft products on the market. The colors are just exquisite!

It can transform something that is just blah, to something that is BLING!

(this is the card I will attach with my holiday cookies, with the name of the cookies on the back)

When I finally emerged from the room on Sunday night my husband commented that I had glitter all over me head to toe and asked, "Are you magical"? I said, "No, just go in and out of the bead room and you will look like this too. Literally" He said, "Ah, so in order to be magical, all you need to do is go into the bead room!"

Yes, my dear, I suppose there is magic in the bead room! :)


  1. Oh funny! I know you have magic in you! Oh those pendants are so pretty you did a great job!

  2. I LOVE the birds! I saw the Martha Stewart Glitter at Michael's the other day and really was impressed with the colors. Nice job!


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