Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Merry!

Our Christmas was lovely. It's rare for us to have all three kids together (one away in college, another living here but in college and working, and of course the little one who is still here all the time!) so that was great!

After the girls left for their grandmother's house, my mom came over and we had a ton of fun playing parcheesi, Chinese checkers and Jeopardy (on the Wii).

Santa was very good to everyone, but a favorite of mine were the gifts my son to gave to his sisters.

Jackson drew & colored & glittered the pictures. I set them in resin and added the chain & beads. The girls loved them and Jackson felt pretty happy seeing how touched they were!

Today I'm looking forward to a snowy, quiet, beady Sunday! (And maybe a few more rounds of Jeopardy....)


  1. Sweetness abounds at your house! I love Jackson's gifts to his sisters! I am so glad your holidays were good!

  2. AW--What a Nice gift from Jackson. I'm sure the girls will cherish them!


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