Sunday, December 19, 2010

She's just not that into you

"She's just not that into you" said the newly chosen color palette to the previously selected color palette:

In other Margie & Me bead challenges, I've relied heavily on what Delicas colors I have in my stash. This time around, for this awesomely fun Margie & Me The Finals Challenge, I took each palette and compared it with what I owned in Delicas to be sure my color were accurate. So I picked a palette that I had the most Delicas, which was the Lady & the Unicorn #56 (as noted above). I dutifully picked all the complimenting beads and put them in a Gladware container...and then they just sat. They sat, and sat, and sat some more. I glanced at it often and said to myself..."Self, you should get going on that challenge". But I didn't. And then I realized, I just wasn't that into that color palette. I thought I was because I definitely have a thing for burgundy & blue together. But all in all I couldn't get inspired. So I visited Marcie's site again and looked through the book at the palettes again. Although I hardly needed to because this time I knew...this time, she had me at " richness of the reds and punches of creamy pinks". OOOOOHHHHH.....creeeeeeaaaamy pinks. Right away I thought of these little 3mm beauties:

I have pretty much EVERY incarnation of this bead color:

I buy it (matte silver lined light pink) almost every time I see it. Then I get home and see I already have it, of course. And now I'm working on about 10 tubes of it, in different sizes.

Also in my opinion - these earrings go with just about everything. They might as well be a pair of silver or gold hoops I wear them so much!

I priced this piece so high a few craft shows ago, it was as though I was daring someone to take it from me (It has since been taken out of the for sale stuff, and into my personal collection):

So you see, I like pink. And I like the colors that make pink too. So this is definitely a palette that I'm a little more into. In the book, The Beader's Color Palette, it is described as "deep Venetian reds are featured against warm ivory-gold flesh and pale neutral linen-whites."

I've tossed aside the notion of doing this with only Delica colors to keep me on track and go with my gut on this great palette!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas this weekend!!!!

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  1. Oh Yeah AMY!!!! I love the creamy pinks and those earrings are AWESOME. I also had trouble until I just went with the colors I love I think that's when the inspiration stands up and shouts!


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