Thursday, December 16, 2010

Special Treat!

How FUN was it, to pull my Google Reader up and see my name posted as a winner for a giveaway!?!?! It was a special treat in an otherwise crazed and stressful week!!! I won the December drawing for a grab bag of cabs from Lori on her blog, Out Of The Flames! And just two days later I received this GORGEOUS bag of cabochons!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! THESE ARE SO PRETTY AND I AM SO LUCKY TO HAVE THEM! Thank you Lori! I cannot wait to do some projects with these!

In other news, I sustained a minor injury early last week. I was using one of those winged cork screws when....

I somehow got my thumb caught in the spoke of the wheel....and did a fair amount of damage to the pad of my thumb. Turns out, I really need that digit to do any beadwork. It definitely put me a little behind schedule this week...but I was able to get going again last night to make a necklace to go with my outfit for my husband's firm's Christmas party tonight!

Based on Diane Fitzgerald's "Trillium" necklace:


  1. Wow-- those got there fast! Love the Trillium Beautiful! It grows wild here. I love when they start blooming in the spring.

  2. Lucky girl with the beads -- then oooh unlucky girl with the bottle thingee. Woops.

  3. Oh aren't her cabs gorgeous! I have some too and I still can't stop looking at them! Lucky Girl! Oh that thumb must hurt...sending healing thoughts!


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