Saturday, January 29, 2011

Margie & Marcie & Me Color Challenge

Don't you think!? We really should start calling it the Margie & Marcie & Me Challenge. Especially with the gorgeous color palette Marcie cranked out! M&M&M! (it's fun to say too!) is safe to say, I really enjoyed these two color palettes equally. I started by making these beaded discs and then strung them:

Then a funny thing happened. It was time for me to put my bead soup together for my bead soup partner and I kept putting together bead soups that matched this palette! So I took a break from the bead soup and made another necklace for this palette:

Those gorgeous long green beads, and the sweet tan beads with white dots were a birthday gift from my dear friend Lynn last year! They have been staring at me for months now and I think they are a perfect fit for this challenge!

And then I moved on to the next challenge. I really loved these colors together. They are just so pretty and that splash of pink just sings to me! So I started out this part of the challenge with plans to make a beaded flower with these pink beads

and put it on an aqua necklace done with right angle weave links. Buuuut......I didn't have enough aqua beads! And if you will recall, I'm on a bead buying hiatus this year. The 2010 Amy would have, upon her vision, just logged right on to and ordered enough (and more) of the needed aqua beads. The 2011 Amy realized she needed to change her plan!

So I made the flower anyway.

And had a few links so I made this cute ring

and then I did what probably most beaders do with small stashes of color...I made earrings!

I am bummed I haven't caught the best light for some of my pictures. :( But I never seem to be able to get it together when the sun is out. Time to learn more about light boxes and indoor photography I think!

This weekend my dad is visiting :) for my son's Pinewood Derby which is today! Wish him luck!


  1. Oh Amy! I love your handiwork. You did such a fantastic jobs capturing the palettes. My fav though is the second one. Those long beads just get me. It is so perfect!!

  2. Great work! I especially love the little beaded flower.

  3. Wow your earrings and ring are a perfect match for the colour palette!

    I love your first necklace too - those beaded discs are just too cute!


  4. Very nice!! Love the second necklace maybe better than the first!

  5. Gorgeous as usual Amy! You have a gift for these palettes for sure. Hey I saw something about making your own light box on the BeadMaven blog if that helps.


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