Friday, January 7, 2011

A nice day

I've had a good day. Work was super duper busy for me today and I didn't even make it into my bead room yet(however I'm heading up there after this post!). :( is paying the bills, so I can't really complain. My festival is coming up soon, so I am certain I will have a lot more days like today. was a day full of happy moments.

For the past couple weeks, my car has been screeching. (this is my car - I love this vehicle....I have only two material possessions that are quite dear to me and this is one of them. I've owned this car since 2005 and hope to keep if for a long time!)

And I mean screeching. I turn the ignition and YOWZA! it was loud. It was like my car was ANGRY! But, once it was warmed up a bit and driven around, the screeching would stop. So this week it was on my list to get it checked out. On Monday, though, while picking up my son from school, one of the other parents said, oh my goodness - was that your car? it's the water pump! get it checked out right away, you don't want it to seize up! It will ruin your engine! So of course I ran home and looked it up on line....and everything I read said, if you go to the dealer it will cost you $800, if you go to an independent it will cost you about $300-$400. I looked at my calendar and realized Friday would be the only time I would have available to get the car checked out. So from Monday to this morning I prayed. I prayed that the car would manage til Friday because I didn't want it to seize up! I also prayed that please, please, please let it not be more than $300. And so this morning, I arrived at MidAtlantic Auto Care. I told them I think I need a water pump, my car is screeching like crazy! BUT they came into the waiting room and told me, ma'am, your belts just need to be adjusted, it will cost a little under $ you want us to go ahead with that?! Um....yeah. so that was a huge blessing this morning.

And while I was on my way to that trip to the auto mechanic I got a beautiful message from my best friend. This week, I finally mailed my holiday package to her with Christmas gifts for her and her daughters. I have been sitting on this collage for so long now and have been dying to send it to her. Her reaction to it, was far more moving than I ever expected, and it just made me smile and reminded me about how great giving a gift can be. I worked on this late October / early November.

She is an Irish lass and really embraces her heritage. So it was so awesome to have a new medium to play with in her honor! You may notice that there is sheet music in the background. As if the shamrock didn't just do the trick, I noticed words in the music that really resonated with me and really spoke to me about Barb, and our friendship:
First Star

All these words stayed in the collage. Barb emailed me also with a simple message "Mad Love"...and included this picture of where she'd already hung my gift to her:

It felt pretty amazing. And on top of that she and her daughters (also featured above the mantle) loved the jewelry I'd also sent!!!

So that was another huge happy moment today.

I also made a dinner that my hubby went mad for (shrimp, spinach, tomatoes, white wine, garlic, olive oil, basil, crushed red pepper, s&p over black rice...very simple and delish):

And also speaking of gifts people husband loved this gift I gave him at Christmas. Which is nice, because I can't really whip him up a necklace.

He'd seen some of my collage pieces and liked them and said "make me something!" I said "what do you want?" He said...."how about a sailboat?"



  1. Love it! Your pieces are amazing. Love that sailboat! And isn't it nice to know that your Water pump was an easy belt adjustment. Gotta love that!

  2. How beautiful those pictures are. Glad the water pump was the only problem!


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