Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Please Vote....for my friend!

My usual voting request is typically for a beading competition I have entered that is not juried but instead a public vote. This time however, I am posting a request for my friend and former colleague David.

David Guas and I worked together for just about 10 years for a very popular restaurant group in Washington DC. I was the company's director of sales and he was the company's pastry chef. I can tell you, from experience, he bakes some delicious stuff (and he's a lot of fun to work with too)! For nearly a decade, I had the pleasure of sampling his extensive cache of confections...my favorite being his pralines. David is a native of New Orleans and that has inspired much of his recent success.

He wrote a book:

(Yes, the praline recipe is in there...among many other yummies like my second favorite: red velvet cake)

He opened a restaurant:

(I had the pleasure of dining there last week and enjoyed the Veg Head sandwich. Again - yum.)

And now...he has been nominated by Food & Wine as Best New Chef. It would be great to see him win this....so...please vote for David here!!!

Congratulations David!!!


  1. I Voted--yay!! Right now he is in first place!!

  2. I thought I left a comment but maybe I was having a stroke. He's pretty awesome on the eyes I voted too!


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