Friday, February 4, 2011


Gosh - I've been seeing an awful lot of posts in the blog community of fellow beaders having rough weeks, getting icky anonymous comments, losing their inspiration and leaves me feeling sort of melancholy. But I can relate! It's been a busy week what with the festival I'm working on coming up next weekend! I've been working from 8 in the morning til 8 or 9 at night every day. Taking "breaks" of course, to do laundry, empty and load the dishwasher, check homework, and make meals for the family and so on (one of the caveats of working from home!)

I've sadly not spent any time in my bead room in over a week! But I was able to steal away last night (after announcing post dinner - "I'm GOING UPSTAIRS AND I NEED SOME QUIET BEAD TIME!") I started working on my Margie & Me challenge piece. And was happy to have some beads jump right out at me as perfect for this project! After not having been in my bead room for so long, I was grateful to find the creative juices were flowing.

I've been really enjoying being part of the One World, One Heart blog hop. There are over 700 participants. It's a fun idea and I am planing to spend a little time this weekend checking them out.

I don't have any recent bead work to share here today. But last weekend we hit the Maryland Science Center while my dad was visiting. It was a ball and I see that my son looks right at home in the lab! :) So I will leave you with this! (pics are from my phone so they are not the greatest quality!)

Happy Friday to all!


  1. Glad you found some beading time! It's often hard, isn't it?

  2. I need quiet beading time! With back to back storms, students losing both power and gas, trying to deal with my mother--I NEED quiet beading time! I also need to grade a ton of homework--prepare lessons for this week, and get ready for another storm. I NEED QUIET BEADING TIME!



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