Monday, February 7, 2011

Under Pressure!'s only 4 short days before the festival I'm working on begins...and I'm feeling a bit under pressure!

So...what's a girl to do, if she's feeling stressed and under pressure about work? Stop everything she's doing and blog about beading (oh! and manipulate clip art to be relevant to a bead blog)! :-) Hee hee!

Anyway - it got me to thinking about how sometimes I feel under pressure when I'm beading. Such as with challenges and contests, I often feel under pressure to pull out some crazy cool new design to impress and amaze!

It's rather silly actually, because in attempting to do something new and innovative, I often end up doing something I'm not particularly happy with. There are always exceptions to that...those are special moments. But I've often felt this way over the last year and ended up with pieces that aren't even really indicative of my own style. They aren't really 'me'.

What I determined in this thinking, is that I should do what I know. This is exactly how new ideas evolve.

Sometimes I chide myself, feeling that the same old thing must get boring to others after a while. (um...apparently I care more about what others think than I realize...) I was feeling that way when I started this month's Margie & Me challenge piece. As I was thinking through the design, I thought to do some beaded beads. Peyote tubes.

I beat myself up a little first and thought, oh gosh, not those again Amy. Then I made myself feel even worse because of that book that came out recently on peyote beaded tubes (Bead Tube Jewelry). And even though I've been beading up these beaded beads long before that book came out(as many other beaders have been!), it made me feel especially unoriginal.

But then I thought about some of the pieces I've made with those cute and versatile little tubes.

And you know, people really like them!

Better yet: I like them!

I make them frequently! I find them in baggies....

I find them in containers of Delicas....

having forgotten that I've event made them!
(there are three beaded beads in this one!)

I guess what I am trying to say, is that I shouldn't try so hard. New ideas will shake themselves out when they are ready.


  1. I've found the surest way to stifle creativity is to "force" myself to be creative. Doesn't work.I guess that's why it's creative: it just happens. Love those beaded tubes.

  2. Anything that makes you happy creating is the best thing to do. I haven't seen a piece of yours that I haven't liked but I also know that is because YOU liked them all!


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