Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 3 - Your favorite TV program or
Day 3 - What are three of your biggest passions? or
Day 3 - Your first love

Day 3 - Your favorite TV program

Favorite TV program is pretty easy, but I have a handful of runner-ups. I have a computer in my bead room and a couple times a week I go up and catch up on my shows on Hulu. They are as follows (in no particular order):
Modern Family

Raising Hope
The Event
Desperate Housewives
Pretty Little Liars

But the one show that I faithfully tune into when it is aired, is my favorite, hands down:

I am still grieving Michael's pending departure!!!

Day 3 - What are three of your biggest passions?
1. Family.
2. BEADS! (of course! Although I think I could include many creative art forms in this question - but it is definitely beads that move me!)
3. Learning - contextually and spiritually. I am currently taking classes on a website called For $25 a month, subscribers can view an unlimited amount of their software training and tutorial videos. If there is a program or technology you think is confusing or over your head, they probably cover that subject. It's amazing. I've been logging on about 3-5 hours a week and I'm so excited about such affordable access to this knowledge!! I also recently completed a "Soul Restoration" workshop on line, which was pretty fantastic as well. It combined my love of self exploration and growth with crafting - which they call "Soul Crafting."

Day 3 - Your first love
Shawn Cassidy

Come on every body, get down, get with it!

I made the same pair of these earrings for my mom for Christmas...and when I saw her wearing them when she came to visit recently, I decided I needed to make more for my shop!

And now I am heading up to my bead room to continue working on my Margie & Me color challenge - which I am SUPER excited about. (Can I go back and add COLOR to one of my biggest passions?!)

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  1. Yes my first love too! OMG that makes me feel old! Ummm you have to make a tutorial for those earrings I love them and would love to make a set for myself!



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