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Day two and a free pattern

Day 2: favorite movie or
Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name
Day 2: Has a painful experience ever had a positive impact in your life?

Day 2: favorite movie

It's hard to pick just ONE favorite movie, and several came to mind. So in no particular order of favorites here they are:

Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name
The meaning behind my blog is somewhat obvious: my name is Amy and I like to bead. However, I began using this moniker nearly 15 years ago. Back in 1995 or 1996, my boyfriend and I had a personal computer...we got this really neat disc that told us we could connect to the World Wide Web if our phone line was plugged into the computer and we used this service called America OnLine. My boyfriend set up our account and simply put, Amybeads for my screen name. I was a year or so into beading at that point and already quite obsessed! The name Amybeads seemed to stick. I've since had many other email addresses with Amybeads. It is the name of my Etsy shop. And now this blog!

Day 2: Has a painful experience ever had a positive impact in your life?
In a word, yes. My first reaction to this question, is to answer it somewhat philosophically. I feel like nearly all painful experiences have had a positive impact in my life. Whenever an experience is painful, it usually means something isn't working right and it's a message to make a change....see a doctor...end a relationship....LEARN! "That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger". "This too shall pass." These are some quotes/cliches/philosophies I try to live by. Now this is coming from the woman who has been such a crabbypants about this broken foot, I feel sort of like a hypocrite for writing the previous sentence. But really, when I stop complaining about the pain I am experiencing, and how irritating it is that I can't leave the house unless someone gives me a ride...I remember that it's not going to last forever. It is only a broken foot. And for the first time since I can not even remember when, I have been laying down in front of the TV for an hour or two without doing anything in addition to just laying there. Just relaxing. Usually if I sit to watch TV, I am beading, or ironing clothes or folding clothes...just something. Already I can see this painful experience is teaching me to slow down - actually rest and relax when I am trying to rest and relax! Take a load off. I can tell my son is loving the fact that I'm totally present with him when we are watching a movie together!

I could come up with plenty of other examples. But I could also come up with examples of where I didn't handle the experience in a way that might have a positive impact. I often beat myself up about it, but hey, I'm certainly not perfect!!!
And speaking of not being perfect, I'll segue in to something bead related!

My son is a Webelo scout and their den's mascot is an eagle. I had this bright idea in the FALL, to make beaded eagle neckerchief slides for all the boys in the den. There are only four of them. And so, I started with this embroidered eagle:

Too big, and the eagle looks terrible. I made a rough sketch on the stiff stuff, but ew. I couldn't stand how ugly it was turning out!

Then I made a detailed peyote pattern.

Now I was getting somewhere, but again the eagle was too big. Also the orientation of the peyote stitch didn't really allow any movement around a slide.

So I created another peyote pattern, changing the orientation and simplifying the eagle.

BINGO! I got it, and wouldn't you know, this little guy works up so QUICK!

But here's where the beating myself up comes in.....this tray has looked like this since before Christmas!!!!

I was hoping to have them ready to present to the boys at the Blue & Gold Banquet back in February. But I basically forgot about it. The tray was sitting in the living room on the top shelf of a bookcase never to be looked at again. UNTIL I was looking like crazy for these blue beads for a certain color challenge I am working on:

So I do declare that I will finish the beadwork this week for all the slides (perhaps I will even throw some in for myself and the other den leader!). We have another ceremony for the boys in June. It is a graduation ceremony and I think it will be a perfect time to give it to them!

For anyone interested - here is the free pattern of this cute little eagle!

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  1. Awesome post! Princess Bride I love it too. I find it does take something painful to bring us back to appreciating the little things. I will be keeping this pattern for my little guy in case he starts scouts. Thank you!


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