Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Drawing a blank!!

Yikes! I'm drawing a blank for a topic to write about for the letter K!
I thought about kids, koalas, kangaroos, kings, Kate (Middleton - because I am a shameless Royals fanatic), kismet, karma, kindness....but none of them are inspiring a post!!! I've even been searching my brain for the picture that was associated with all the letters hung up around my Kindergarten class. I actually remember many of them! But K is escaping me.

Hopefully I'll do better with L tomorrow!


  1. Well I just came from a blog that was merely a list of 'l' words, and it still entertained. You've plenty of 'k' words up there, and a nice 'k' picture, so you're all good. :)

  2. Well Kristen does seem to come to my mind right now. I do think it would be a hard letter otherwise though. LOL


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