Friday, April 8, 2011


I'd been searching for a G theme in the last 12 hours or so...except, wait a second...I was also sleeping during 8 of those! Hee hee! Anyway, as I surfed through my blog reader this morning I came across a GIVEAWAY here on the Where Women Create blog! They are featuring jewelry/metal artist Amy Peters, and she creates absolutely beautiful pendants and bracelets.

Giveaways are just another fun dynamic in the blogosphere. While I have a full understanding of their marketing purpose, I definitely get caught up in the fun of it! Who doesn't like to win something!? I have been the incredibly lucky recipient of a couple of giveaways including a box of Whole Foods goodies from Amanda at Eats, Love and Happiness and bag of cabochons from Lori at Out of the Flames. I am planning to work on using the pinkish gold cabs in my next bead embroidery project!

I am slowly but surely approaching 100 posts on my blog and I think I will have to do a giveaway when I get there!

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh yes giveaways are awesome especially when we get such awesome goodies! I love those cabs too!

  2. I can hardly wait to see what you create with those pinkish Cabs Amy! I will be having another giveaway in a few days..Celebrating the 150th post...

  3. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.


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