Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspiration...and other things that start with "i"

Inspiration comes in many forms. For beading it seems to come easy since I always seem to be beading a piece inspired by something!

Sometimes it is as simple as walking into a bead store and seeing all the colors and shapes and finishes. Then something just screams "make something with me!" Other times it's seeing something in nature and knowing in your soul that you need to make something that evokes that feeling or scene. Other times it's a color challenge...with colors you love, or colors that make you step outside your comfort zone.

Then there are the times when your inspiration comes from your heart. That is when you bead something for someone you love. Where your driving force is the happiness you feel hoping that your recipient will feel the love you put into each bead that was strung. A piece you made especially for them!

I just finished this piece for my best friend's daughter. For her prom. Unfortunately they live in Massachusetts, so I've had to rely on pictures in an attempt get the color right.

I'm not feeling 100% on the color match here...but I think I'm I'll send it up north with a few other options s well!
In staying with the letter theme, I have had "i" on the brain a LOT lately. I've been pining for an iPad. Because of my full time work, I am the 'admin' on seven different Facebook business pages ...and I manage all the Twitter accounts that correspond. I write content for three blogs. So in a social media world, I feel like this can only increase my productivity! (Or I just really want this cool gadget!!)

(And the orange cover.)
Oh....and I can't tell a lie....I've already been shopping for a crossbody bag that is a good size to hold my new iPad that I don't have yet.

So....does anyone out there have one? Or an opinion on the iPad?!?


  1. Great post. My inspiration comes from anywhere and anything. I can be in the shower or on a country walk, too.

    I'm not an ipad/kindle person, I like to hold and read and smell proper books :O)

  2. Oh I hope you get pictures of her in her prom dress!


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