Friday, April 15, 2011


Malbec, Meritage, Merlot's Friday night and time for a delicious mouthwatering Malbec.

Which is sitting in this picture, next to a great old necklace that I'm using for the Artbeads Design Partner theme, "What's Old is New Again". This broken beaded necklace used to belong to my grandmother's aunt! I believe that makes her my great-great-aunt?

I will probably only use the gold beads for this challenge. And I am glad that I have been given the impetus to finally use these beauties!

For today's letter...I also had to share this..."Men with Molly the Malti-chon". I never seem to tire of the men in this house (or the neighbors for that matter), loving up this merry little malti-chon named Molly.

And thought you said your office was the "no dog zone"???!!!


  1. Hey there, the colours on the necklace are great to be able to have something that has spanned time and would have seen some amazing memories gracing the neck of your great great aunt!

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