Monday, April 18, 2011


The A-Z Blog Challenge is brought to you by the letter O today and I selected Orange as my theme.

Orange is one of my favorite colors. Pink is my favorite, but orange ranks very closely behind.

Did you know, surveys show orange to be one of the least favorite colors in the world? (Only to be outdone by pink!LOL)

However other studies and opinions show:
"As a warm color orange is a stimulant – stimulating the emotions and even the appetite."

"If you want to get noticed without screaming, consider the color orange, it demands attention. The softer oranges such as peach are friendlier, more soothing."

"Orange really pops with a medium blue. Red, yellow, and orange can be a fiery hot combination or, in tamer shades, a fresh, fruity experience. Make it tropical by pairing it with green."

"Orange is often synonymous with autumn yet the brighter oranges are a summer color."

"Orange is mentally stimulating as well as sociable. Use it to get people thinking or to get them talking."

"Orange is seen as the warmest of all colors, and as a result is often associated with fun times, energy and warmth."

"There is nothing even remotely calm about this color. It can be used sparingly as a highlight color, but is not a good choice for conveying a serious message."

It took me years to own my love of orange. But I'm glad I did.
"Orange is the combination of the happiness of yellow and the energy and strength of red."


  1. My little neice loves orange. She loves to get presents from me or my mum because we make them and so she gets something orange. Its so hard to find things for little girls that are orange. You've given me a lot of inspiration. Lovely. Thanks.


  2. I love looking at your work. It's lovely. Love those earrings!

  3. I think you are going to churn up a demand for the color in case it is not in demand.It is definitely a very bright color but some prefer red over it ...but you have combined various other shades to make a subtle use of orange which is beautiful.Gift Ideas

  4. I love orange and pink together! . Beautiful work!

  5. Ummm I think I have told you once or twice that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Orange. I so want those earrings on top!!! Gorgeous post!


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