Thursday, April 21, 2011


Reading. It really IS fundamental. Have you ever heard of or tried I use it and I love it. Also love to get recommendations on! I am also lucky to have the most amazing library less than a mile from my house. Aside from not having a cafe, it's practically as nice as Borders or B&N! I firmly believe you can learn just about anything if you can read.

I hope that my son continues to enjoy books as much as I do:

(And BTW - what the heck is he reading here at age 2!?)

So pensive:

So interested:

And so almost 10 years old!


  1. awwww, I love your blog! That is so sweet...How smart they are, a love a books is can last a lifetime!
    Have fun on your golf adventure.. I hope you raise alot of money!

  2. Oh I made sure to get the kids started early and they both love books. I do not read much because when I start one I just can't stop til it is done.


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