Monday, April 4, 2011

A-Z Blog Challenge - C

I choose the theme COMPLETE for today's challenge post because as I promised - I finally completed these eagles that I started from Fall of last year!

Now I just need to add the slide apparatus and they will be ready to gift my son's Webelo Eagle den in June! When I had that satisfied feeling after completing these (although I am somewhat embarrassed it took me so long to get them completed), it reminded me of how happy I was when I completed this for my husband last year:

That one was a doozy time-wise...I had wanted to complete it by his birthday in January, but wasn't completed until February so I gave it to him for Valentines day! Peyote isn't something I can rush. I worry about knots in the thread, perfectly culled beads, messing up the pattern and so on. It is a technique that I've learned you just need to take your time to complete some projects. Although some of my fellow bloggers whip out amazing peyote creations pretty darn fast!

In a strange turn of events, while I was working on this post this morning, my best friend sent me this link today and I've been mesmerized since! It's AMAZING - and LIVE - and you can see the eaglet chicks if you are watching at the right time!!!

It is the C day in the A-Z challenge, but after previewing this post I wonder if I maybe should have posted all this on the E day!


  1. Hi Amy, how very cool i love anything with eagles on it they are so very regal looking ttfn L:)

  2. I have absolutely no talent at all when it comes to any form of handcraft, so I'm always impressed when I see things like this. I take my hat off to you (shop-bought, of course, seeing as I don't knit;p).

  3. This is beautiful and something I would love to learn!

  4. Oh for the first time we have a nesting pair being webcamed (is that a word?) in our area and it is awesome. We also have nesting falcons on one of the buildings in the city we can watch. I love nature. Hey that eagle is gorgeous it reminds me of a wolf cross-stitch that took me forever to complete.


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