Friday, May 6, 2011

It's been a few days!

Well, hello there! I was blogging so frequently last month with the A-Z Blogging challenge that it felt like weeks since I've blogged. But I see it was just Monday. Looks like I'm back to my twice a week blogging habits after all.

It's been a busy week preparing for a farmer's market I help market & manage. Today was opening day, and we couldn't have asked for better weather: in the 70's and sunny. I was feeling anxious about going to D.C. today, with all that happened earlier in the week. I had to park in a government building; but felt better when my car was vigorously searched and my hands, steering wheel and dashboard were tested for explosives. A little surreal, but comforting nonetheless.

I picked up lots of goodies when it was over: a variety of hummus (mango/curry, cheesy artichoke & salt and vinegar - YUMMOLICIOUS!), fresh asparagus and strawberries, fresh baked bread, Old Bay roasted Virginia peanuts, and more!

In the meanwhile, I've had a handful of beading projects on hand. My stepdaughter requested a necklace for her senior dance at college. I sent that baby out so quick I didn't even photograph it! I have an order for a bride who bought a necklace and has since commissioned two bracelets and a pair of earrings (note to self: stop blogging and get up to your bead room). I've barely scratched the surface on my Artbeads Design Parnter project (note to self: get off the computer and go bead). And last night, in honor of our market opening day, I of course had to make a pair of earrings that matched my shirt, which matched the market logo!

Yup - same ol' circular peyote I like to use, just a different color! I have to say, even I am getting a little bored with this, but I've been fantasizing about taking this old standby to a new level. Perhaps when I finish with the aforementioned projects!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!


  1. Oh those strawberries look yummy! Lovely earrings. I've never tried peyote beading, not sure I'd have the patience.

  2. I have found similar since the challenge ended, it was a real discipline keeping up with the challenge..... The Farmers market sounds great, some lovely food. Your jewellry looks lovely, never tried the earring technique before! I have had to be quite stern with myself to get off the computer and do something creative...anyway for now Have a blessed weekend. Amanda

  3. I love the way you write...your stories are funny!
    Have a wonderful wonderful Mother's Day!


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