Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Wednesday my poor little munchkin contracted strep throat!

He was out of school for two days, while he recovered. It made me overwhelmingly grateful that I work from home full time. In the past, I used to agonize about missing work when my son was sick. I would ponder how sick was he, did he need to go to the doctor, did he need to stay home, would a dose of ibuprofin do the trick or does he need some real medicine, if I sent him to school, will he be okay, will he suffer, would they just call me to pick him up, and so on. All in the name of being a reliable worker. But on Wednesday he said his throat was sore and I said, "do you want to stay home from school"? And he said "I think so." What a relief it was to be able to not stress out about missing work. He stayed in bed or lounged on the couch, watched tv and played his DS. All while I worked all day, and every half hour checked on him, hugged him, and comforted him!

In a fit of overwhelming gratitude toward the woman who has given me 90% of my current contracts, I whipped her up a pair of earrings as a token of my appreciation!

By Friday, Jackson was feeling 100%. But I kept him home to get a little more rest so he could enjoy his Cub Scout camping trip that began Friday and ended yesterday!

We were blessed with spectacular weather. The boys all had a blast and so did I!

Stay tuned for some thoughts on pink & green tomorrow for What's It To Hue? Tuesday!


  1. The earrings are just gorgeous! I'm happy for you that you don't need to stress out any more than naturally would when these situations come up. That's worth so much to a mother!

  2. Glad he is feeling better. Hate it when my daughter gets sick. The earrings are lovely. Looking forward to the blog hop.


  3. What a difference from his two pictures(their eyes always tell the story)... I am so glad he was better and went to his boy scout camping trip, that looks fun!
    The earrings were very lovely...(Nice gift)...
    and you are so blessed...What a great free your mind and know your son is okay!


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