Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Reflection on Blogging

This past year of blogging - I realize that one of my favorite things about 'being a blogger' (more on that later), is being part of a community, albeit virtual, and taking part in blog hops and parties and challenges. They are such a great way to explore other blogs and get friendly with other bloggers! It's been so fun to "meet" other bloggers on line, and even meet them in person (shout out to Lori at Pretty Things - we frequent the same B&N and Whole Foods, and I had the pleasure of meeting her shortly after her Bead Soup Blog Party!)

Amybeads - circa 2001 - long before a blog was even a twinkle in my eye!

So what does it mean to 'be a blogger' or to 'have a blog'? Well, I'm sure it means different things to different people. I thought a lot about blogging before I actually did it. I thought it was more or less something people did to promote their businesses, or to get on their soapboxes etc... Then last year I was having this incredibly exciting moment while taking part in the Fashion Colorworks contest when I felt like all my colors were coming together beautifully and I wanted to share that moment! So I shared with my husband, who dutifully listened....but I just felt like he didn't get it! And that day - my blog was born. Zoya (host of the Fashion Colorworks contest) kindly commented on that first post less than 24hours after I posted.

Amybeads - circa 2003 - I do believe Blogger was founded this year!

So then I posted one more time in April. And my stats for the next few months looked like this:
  • April - posted x2
  • May - posted x 1
  • June - posted x 1
  • July - posted x 5
  • August - no posts!
  • September - posted x 4
  • October - posted x 5
  • November - posted x 9!!!!!!
And I've been posting much more frequently since then -December x6, January x8, March x15, April x24 (whew that was exhausting!)! It must have been November, when I decided that in order to 'be a blogger' I needed to blog more often, and with some consistency. At that time, I sort of promised myself, that I would blog twice a week. I picked two days of the week, and have mostly stuck with it! This is not to say that I don't think folks who post less frequently aren't real bloggers. In fact, some of my favorite bloggers simply post when they post, and I sure feel like I'm getting a treat when their new posts come up in my reader!

Amybeads - circa 2004 - Merriam-Webster's Dictionary declared "blog" as the word of the year!

I can't believe I'm approaching 100 posts! Blogging has introduced me to others. I've won contests (props to Lori at Out of the Flames and Amanda at Eats, Love and Happiness) I've learned about contests. I've been challenged. I've had fun. I've laughed. I've cried. I've been inspired. To sum it up, I would have to say, blogging has enriched my life.

For the past few months, I've been toying with the idea of hosting a blog party/hop/challenge. And while my blog has been primarily focused on beading, I don't necessarily want to focus solely on beads...maybe creativity...gratitude...friendship???

Amybeads - circa 2007 - joined Etsy and began wondering if I should have a blog!

So stay tuned for my first ever - and hopefully not my last - blog party/hop/challenge! Maybe in time for my 100th post!

What's your favorite kind of blog party/hop/challenge???


  1. This was a fabulous post. :) I love your pictures with the little factoids underneath and feel like I've gotten to know you and your blog a little better after all this. It's wonderful to see how you've grown and how your approach to blogging has evolved. The online blog community is a wonderful one; I, too, have made many friends here I probably would never otherwise have known. That's a great feeling. :)

    It's exciting now that you'll be doing your own blog hop. :D My favorite kind is one based on a color palette. No matter how many of those I participate in, every new one brings with it a new combination I never would have thought of. It's both challenging and inspiring! Really gets the gears turning.

    Anyway, I hope you'll have many more happy blog moments to share in the years to come! Here's to you. :D

  2. I loved this post and I really relate. It is so good to find like-minded people, even - as you say - if they are virtual, who appreciate and understand what you do. I love these necklaces. I think they are really timeless and show your amazing sense of color. I haven't been part of a blog hop before, thought I've 'done the hop,' so to speak. One thing I've found is that the virtual chain usually breaks down somewhere. All ivolved must really be sure they have the whole thing linked properly so people don't get frustrated hopping about. If you did stick with jewelry, you might set up a challenge - say, make a bracelet using color a-colorb-colorc, copper and piece must contain some crystals. Then it would be fun to go on the hop to see what different kinds of things people came up with. Each person in the hop would post a little mini-bio of themselves first so you would really get to know them along with their work. Just some random thoughts I've come up with. Good luck! I will look forward to this.

  3. What a great post... I have never been involved in any of these fun things... but in my short blogging life... I love the friends I have met and feel a real connection to them. LIke you I have laughed. celebrated, cried and tried to pass on alot of the stuff I find along the way.
    Your jewelry is so beautiful...
    I look forward to reading were you take this idea.
    Take care,

  4. Great post. I've been struggling with the connection part of my blog. Felt like I was talking to an empty chair on some of the blogs I commented on. It wasn't until the A to Z Challenge that I found some crafters who actually talked back when I commented on their blog.

  5. Oh Amy I know! We both started our blogs around the same time and I so agree that I love and look forward to it as much as you do. I have been so lucky to have you as a friend too! Let's have many more years together shall we?

  6. What a fantastic post. Gives me the impetus to keep blogging and hope I make the same kind of connections you have. It was also fabulous to see your designs. Your so talented and they are beautiful! Esp the 2003. Count me into any blog hop. I would love to take part in my first creative hop.


  7. You hit the nail on the head! Blogging is a great way to connect with friends old and new. I like it better than FB!

    Will watch for your blog hop!



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