Monday, May 16, 2011


Thanks to all of you who wrote in with comments and private messages regarding my last post! I'm excited about hosting a blog hop and I think I'm finally zeroing in on plan. More to come by the end of the week! But probably a little earlier than that since I have an event to attend in DC Thursday night and will be leaving for a Cub Scout camping trip Friday. (see me laying out my excuses should I not get around to posting before Thursday!?)

In the meanwhile, it's been nearly a week since I posted. I wanted to post my gratitude last Thursday or Friday, but to my shock and surprise - Blogger was down! Oh well. Can we really complain when there is a free service as cool as this available?!

And after that there was a very important activity to attend to:

Major in Biology, Minor in Neuroscience, Nitze Scholar recognition, Cum Laude! And in about 8 weeks, my stepdaughter is off to earn her PhD via fellowship at Wake Forest University! So yeah, we were rather proud and celebrating!

I also had a couple orders to complete:

Sorry for the bad photography on this one, I just finished it about half hour ago and the sun is already down!

Happy Monday to all....and I hope to be back here on Wednesday to announce the plans for my blog hop!


  1. How awesome to have a step daughter to celebrate. I love the new orders they were beautiful!

  2. Wake Forest ROCKS! Have fun with the scouts... and I look forward to reading about the blog hop!
    Your new pieces are so beautiful!
    Take care!


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