Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's It To Hue? and other ramblings...

What's It To Hue?
Pink and green! In the Western world, pink is a color associated with romance and love. It is associated with words like female, soft, sweet, nurture and security. Green is a color associated with nature, fertility and life. Green is associated with words like calm, tranquility, nature, fresh, youth, abundance. Hospitals use green to sooth patients. Prisons use pink to sooth prisoners! And this week we will use pink and green as our challenge colors. This week, in an effort to hopefully inspire some non-beaders - I made a multimedia piece with pink and green:

I couldn't help but use some pink glitter in this little piece after my husband, over the weekend, said something to the effect of "what do you need more glitter for anyway? I'm sure you have more glitter than anyone could possible use in a lifetime!" Hah! That's what you think, honey!

So next Tuesday - June 7th - let's meet back up here and do a blog hop reveal of our pink & green creations!

In other news, I've been working slowly but surely on my Artbeads Design Parnter piece. "What's Old is New Again" is the theme. Here is a sneak peek:

And let me tell you - I am IN LOVE with those golden seed beads (so rich and creamy!) and the sage green lined amber seed beads!


How was your Memorial Day? It was pretty toasty here in Maryland. In the 90's but felt like over 100! So we met some friends down by the bay. They said they would be doing a little fishing and crabbing:

...so we didn't plan for any swimming. But that didn't matter to Jackson - he just took his shirt off and went right into the water to join the ball game they were playing!

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