Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's It To Hue? Tuesday!

Welcome to What's It To Hue? Tuesdays! Here's the basics:
  • I'll be picking a color or color combination.
  • I will announce that color or color combination on the second Tuesday of the month, along with some interesting tidbits about the color(s).
  • Your challenge will be to create something (anything!) using that color or color combination and write about what that color(hue) means to you. What's it to you(hue)? If you are not inclined to create something - feel free to write about that color and what it means to you for the blog hop.
  • The What's It To Hue? reveal will take place three weeks after the announcement, so it will be on the first Tuesday of the following month. I will have a linky tool in place - so I hope you'll play along!!!

So without further ado - I bring you What's It To Hue? Tuesday:

As you know I've been toying with what to do for a blog hop. I've felt very strongly about focusing the hop around color...but I didn't want to copy other hop ideas. And then I was reading my friend Mandy's blog. Now, I could write a whole blog post about what's going on with Mandy. But to summarize, she is a young lady, early 30's (or is it late 20's? does it matter - it's all way too young), a veritable spitfire, who is the baby sister of one of my good friends. And she is battling breast cancer. She recently had a mastectomy, and is currently undergoing chemo treatment. When she is up to it, she writes these awesome, funny posts that make you only hope that if you were going through the same thing, you'd be able to channel some of her humorous, positive perspective.

Now - back to What's It To Hue? So yesterday, she had a great post about color and it's relevancy to a person's chakras (chakra definition:Each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number). Head on over to her blog post from yesterday and see what she wrote about the colors pink & green.

After I read that, I thought, I am totally making Mandy something green with a little bit of pink. And that's when the idea for What's It To Hue? spawned. I totally LOVE the expansive information there is to learn about the meaning of color. I love reading the effects color has on your psyche. I love learning about the the different powers that crystals have based on their color. I love learning about people behaviors because of color. I definitely believe in the chakras and their colors. There is a whole school of thought on color's impact in the metaphysical world. I love hearing what emotions, memories and associations people have with color. Color is a very interesting subject, and people typically have pretty strong and diverse opinions on each of them.

Back to Pink & Green. I have to be honest. When I hear pink and green together, I think preppy, preppy, preppy. I think ribbons and izods with their collars turned up. I think plaids and stripes and polkadots. I think...well...pink and green:

On Crystal-cure.com, it says: "Although green is the primary color used with the heart chakra, it can also be effective to use pink stones (such as rose quartz or rhodonite) if more softness, affection and love seem to be needed in working with the heart chakra."

Pink is one of my favorite colors. I would tell you that I would never pair it with green, but you'd see I was lying if you saw my garden:

(Disclaimer - this is not my garden - but I sure wish it was - instead, picture a smattering of pink petunia and impatiens!!!)

So here is your first What's It To Hue? challenge. Create something with pink & green. It doesn't have to be jewelry. It can be anything. And also write about what pink & green means to YOU! Our reveal will be June 7.
(P.S. How cool would it be though, if while we were all making our pink and green creations, that we are thinking of and sending healing thoughts to Mandy!? And while we're at it...let's throw in some loving thoughts for Jean, another dear friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer right around the same time earlier this year.....just a suggestion!)


  1. I'm in! I think I'll use Jade and think of your friends while I'm working with its positive energy.


  2. Sounds great, already sending thoughts to both your friends. (Because if it was me diagnosed I would go curl up in the closet.)
    Also I've always liked the combo of green and pink.


  3. I'll work on something today for you m'dear.

    I know how much cancer can effect peoples lives as my mother 13 years a go had Hodgkin's Disease (a very aggressive form of cancer that attacks the lymph nodes). She is in the clear, but her immune system is shot to pieces, and gets very unwell very quickly still.

    My strongest healing thoughts go to both of your beautiful friends <3

    Chrissy x

  4. I've put my entry up :) http://naturalistdesigns88.blogspot.com/2011/05/send-healing-thought.html <3 xx


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