Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's It To Hue? Tuesday

For this installment of What's It To Hue? Tuesday, purple is the color. Jeanie at All My Art (and she has lots of gorgeous art!) already made a gorgeous purple pendant! I'm just starting a project for it now. But I have a few pieces in purple.

Upon reading up on purple I learned that the name of the color is derived from a dye that was obtained from shellfish called porphyra, later being called pupura by ancient Romans. It was very expensive to obtain and at one time was literally worth it's weight in silver. It is perhaps because of its exclusiveness back in the day, that purple became a color associated with wealth and royalty, and it remains so today.

In the chakras, purple is the “crown” chakra – the color at the crown of the head (coincidence with royalty? Which came first I wonder – the naming/discovery of the chakra colors? Or the discovery of the exclusive shellfish dye?) Because it is the chakra color of the brain – the color represents pure thoughts.

In the crystal healing world, the purple amethyst is known for healing negativity and protecting one from poison. The word amethyst means “without drunkenness”.

Psychologically – purple is said to calm nerves, uplift, and encourage creativity. Interesting that the herb lavender is said to do much of the same!

Marketers use purple to signify royalty (Crown Royal), and also something exotic. However when I tried to think up a company who uses purple in their logo I couldn't come up with much. Yes, there is Crown Royal....but the only others I could think of were FedEx, Yahoo and Aussie. Otherwise only sports teams came to mind. Can you think of any? I have to confess...when I think of purple and businesses this is what my mind conjures up! (perhaps a little too much fast food when I was a youngster!)

I am definitely a fan of purple. I have lots of purple shirts and sweaters, and upon inspecting my closet I realized I even have a pair of purple jeans!

Well, I hope you will come back next week for the What's It To Hue? Tuesday purple reveal blog hop!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A recap and a lot of pictures!

The last couple weeks have been a real roller coaster of fun, not so fun and fun. Mostly busy. And sometimes stressful.

The week before last I headed up to New England to attend my best friend's daughter's graduation party. I couldn't miss this party - I've known Alexis her whole life!

circa 1993

Shortly after I arrived in Massachusetts, Barb took me on a tour, just minutes from her home, to see some of the tornado damage from a few weeks earlier in West Springfield.

It was disturbing to say the least. It has been said over and over again, but it really is a miracle that there weren't more casualties.

The next day was Lex's party. Barb's brother came over early to help set up and graciously brought his three sons to play with Jackson. Yeah, they had a good time!

The graduate, being the great sport that she is, was one of the first few to get in the dunk tank. Her Pop, knocked her in with one throw!

Jackson thought he'd like to get in on the fun, but didn't think it was so fun when he realized how cold the water was!

The big kids and the little kids sat in the hammock.

There was karaoke!

It was a great party, celebrating Alexis' achievement and catching up with long-time friends. But the best part of all was that I got to spend time with my BEST friend in the world!!!!

And as sad as I was to leave Barbara and her family - I was equally excited to visit with my nieces, brother & dad....which was the next leg of the trip.

I am always amazed at how easily these cousins fall into a groove with each other. They live over 400 miles from each other, see each other only once or twice a year. Yet the minute they get together it is as easy going and fun as if they saw each other the day before.

Make silly faces, I said!

We headed to the beach where my brother Christopher taught Jackson how to boogie board.

Jackson was pretty serious about his new skill.

The kids played in the sand and had a ball together.

Actually - we ALL had fun!

Unfortunately, I had to cut my trip short - actually I packed up and left the beach mid day - because I learned my father-in-law had been flown from Cape May to Philadelphia in critical condition. I met my husband at the hospital at about 11:00pm that night.

We got back home Wednesday. He is still in critical condition and we (and the doctors) are not sure what the prognosis will be. The doctors tell us he won't be leaving the hospital anytime soon, so it looks like we'll be heading up to Phillie again in a couple days to check in on him.

In the meanwhile - my baby boy turned 10 over the weekend!!!! WOW!!! That statement could be interchanged with "Where the HECK did those 10 years go?!?!"

We had a very fun BBQ with his two best friends and their families and one of the boys slept over. Jackson had a blast, and I was glad for him to have a fun reprieve from the stressful week we had!

In other news, after all my driving, my right hand was killing me so I wasn't able to pick up any beads until just last night!!! That may have been the longest stint I've done without beading in years (10 days!!!). It was quite joyful to feel the beads, needle and thread in my hand again. I finished up my Margie & Me challenge piece (maybe I'll do both palettes this month!), and started working on some purple for this installment of What's It To Hue! More on What's It To Hue tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Been away from my computer and my beads!

I've been away from my computer and my beads! I had a great visit in Massachusetts with my family and was unfortunately waylaid by a family illness in Pennsylvania at the end of the trip! More about everything later this week, once I catch up on things.

In the meanwhile a little sampling of my trip:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's It To Hue? Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Folks! I had every intention of posting since last week's post, however I was on a beading tear!

And of course there was work. And beautiful weather. And putting up the metal frame pool. And so on and so on!

In any case, I did a “Pay It Forward” post a few months ago and had a bunch of lovely ladies comment! And although the 'rules' say you can send a handmade item some time in 2011, I was feeling the pressure to get my PIF items out soon! So be patient my PIF participants - your packages will be in the mail very soon!

I had fun with the last “What's It To Hue”! I had some great comments and one participant (thank you Patricia Lynne!)

I would love any feedback from anyone if you have any suggestions or ways that would encourage you to participate! Should I do more than one color? Only one color? Should I have the reveal take place more than three weeks after I announce the color? Or should the reveal take place sooner than that? Was there too much color chatter? Not enough? Just right? Let me know what you think!

This round of What's It To Hue I am featuring the color purple.

I have a handful of purple shirts but realized I don't have a lot of purple accessories! So this will be a perfect way to start rockin' some purple!

When I was very young girl....we had this car:

A purple Gremlin. I distinctly remember how funky the door handles were. And for some reason, my only other memory of this car is that we were once in a fender bender and my knee when right through the passenger front seat and I punctured my skin with some loose wire in the seat. Weird I know. I must've only been around 6 or so.

Over the past few years, however, purple makes me think of a comment someone once made to me about the color....

Back in 2008, I worked as a sales rep for Megafood, a whole food supplement company. One of their products is Liver Strength – although it used to be called Purple Reishi Antler, because it is made primarily of Reishi Antler (a prized mushroom known for it's unbelievable medicinal benefits having been used for over 2000 years). At Megafood, they use Reishi that has been grown on purple kculli corn. And here's the thing – when you grow Reishi it sprouts antlers once and a while, however, when you grow it on purple corn, it sprouts the antlers almost all the time.

And so...I was telling all this to a potential new account at an herb store. She listened intently as I told her all I knew about Reishi Antler's health and medicinal benefit, and then went on to tell her about how amazing the antler growth was on the anthocyanin rich purple corn. She stopped me there and said “That is so interesting, because, in the metaphysical world, the color purple cannot hold any negativity.

I loved that. That little comment has stayed with me for years! And I think of it all the time when I put on a purple shirt! So this round of What's It To Hue will be purple. Make anything you like that is purple and we'll have a reveal on July 5.

In the meanwhile – I came across this very cool little site on testing your HUE IQ! I didn't score very high (my excuse is the overbearing sun lighting in the room that day) But it sure was fun!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's It To Hue? Tuesday - REVEAL!

Welcome to What's It To Hue? Tuesday - REVEAL!

I've enjoyed all my reading and posting about pink and green. So what's it to YOU!? What do the colors mean to you?

Peridot is my birthstone. I used to abhor it in the earlier years of my life. I felt it was the cheapest birthstone and ugly! I mean geesh - how lucky were the folks who had diamonds and rubies and emeralds for their birthstones!?!?! But somewhere in my late 20's I found a new affection for it. And now I really love it. I think the color is gorgeous and practically goes with everything. I love that shade of green.

Pink is my favorite color. It took me a while to come into my pink. Even though I really liked the color, I felt like it was too cliche for a woman to like pink so much. I guess it would be true to say I was embarrassed that pink was my favorite color. Over the years, when asked my favorite color, I would hesitate, name a few colors, but be generally be non-committal to a favorite color. I think it wasn't until I was about half way into my beading passion and realized I had more pink beads than any other color that I realized something was up! Also, as the years went on, more and more pink continued to creep into my closets a drawers. Eight years ago, I drooled over this blanket in Target for months before I broke down and bought it - finally allowing myself to love its pinkness.

(Note: cute dog was not included with the purchase of the blanket, but she sure is great company in my bead room!)
Today I am a proud lover of pink!

In my original What's It To Hue? post, I mentioned that when I thought of pink & green together my mind went immediately to preppy thoughts. But when I started playing around with my beads, I was thrilled with how the colors looked together.

Some simple earrings.

From La Bella Joya's Carnivale pendant tutorial!

As my son put it: "Oh, is this an upgrade of the earrings you usually make?" LOL - I love him.

And as I was signing into my blog post today - I suddenly noticed I used a pink and green bracelet as part of my banner!

This is from about a year and a half ago when I was veritably obsessed with making St. Petersburg stitched bracelets!

If you played along - please feel free to leave a link! I'd love to hear your thoughts and see your pink and green creations!

In closing - here are some final findings on a couple of pink and green gemstones and their healing properties!

Jade aids the body’s filtration and elimination organs. It is great for treating kidney problems and adrenal glands. Jade removes toxins, assists fertility and childbirth and balances body fluids.

Peridot fosters emotional balance, and helps us heal from past emotional wounds. It clears the path way to the heart and heals damaged egos.

Rose Quartz restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Calming and reassuring, it helps to comfort in times of grief.

Rhodochrosite is a stone that integrates physical and spiritual energies, stimulating love and passion while energizing the soul. Rhodochrosite opens the heart, lifting depression and encouraging a positive and cheerful outlook.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Door Tag Challenge!

Jeanie over at All My Art came up with this really fun and original challenge to create a door tag! I loved playing with this. I collect lots of papers and embellishments and mostly use them for packaging jewelry, journaling and greeting cards. This challenge, however, was a fun departure from the norm!

Check out other entries for the door tag challenge here.

Friday, June 3, 2011

What's Old is New Again - "Aunt Win"

I was so excited about the Artbeads Design Partner theme this time around! This time it was "What's Old is New Again". I immediately thought of this very old necklace I have. It was given to me by my mother some years ago when she was cleaning out an old jewelry box. The necklace was broken and tangled up, but given my penchant for bead, my mother asked if I wanted it.

The necklace, my mother told me, used to belong to my Aunt Win. But my Aunt Win wasn't really my Aunt Win - she was more likely my Great-Great-Aunt Win. She was my Grandmother's Aunt. And as it turns out....if it weren't for Aunt Win, I wouldn't be here. You see, Aunt Win, was a secretary in the Air Force. Well, it just so happens, that my father was stationed at the Air Force base where Aunt Win worked. Aunt Win thought my dad and my mom should meet and she set it up! The rest you might say, is history!

Before starting this post, I thought I should find a picture of Aunt Win to include in this post where I was using her necklace!

This shot is circa 1981. Aunt Win is in the chair, flanked by Papa & Mama (my grandparents) and my Uncle Stanley and Aunt Tebby. (R.I.P. Papa, Mama & Aunt Win!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo)

Aunt Win was already quite aged in 1981 and according to my mother it was a necklace she'd had for some time. My best guess is the beads in the necklace are vintage Czech pressed glass. They were strung on red thread, and when I started taking them off the thread, they sure did sparkle!

From Artbeads.com, I used a gorgeous cabochon as the focal, and surrounded it with these absolutely delicious gilt lined goldenrod seed beads...have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE these seed beads!?! I thought they were pretty in the picture - but they are even better in person. I may have to change my favorite color to goldenrod!

I also used a great selection of beautiful Swarovski crystal beads. Including rivolis, faceted rounds and bicones.

After several weeks and a few projects in between - here is the result. My homage to Aunt Win:

Have a great weekend - hope to see lots of you on Tuesday for the Pink & Green reveal for "What's It To Hue? Tuesday"!

Note: As a reviewer of products, I receive no payment from Artbeads.com. The above post is strictly my opinion and I have not been paid to endorse Artbeads.com or their products.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - and a test!

Happy Wednesday! I wanted to test out this Linky Tool - so if you happen to stop by - go ahead and leave a link on the Linky to your blog! No need for any special post - it's a test hop!

And while I'm at it I thought I'd participate in Bead Table Wednesday. I must confess however, that I photo shopped some of the MESS out of this picture! After observing my bead table in a photo, I now have some grand plans for getting organized this weekend! Here is a glimpse of my bead table. And you can't see it, but behind my netbook there is one more UNFINISHED project!

Leave a link to say hello!