Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's It To Hue? Tuesday

For this installment of What's It To Hue? Tuesday, purple is the color. Jeanie at All My Art (and she has lots of gorgeous art!) already made a gorgeous purple pendant! I'm just starting a project for it now. But I have a few pieces in purple.

Upon reading up on purple I learned that the name of the color is derived from a dye that was obtained from shellfish called porphyra, later being called pupura by ancient Romans. It was very expensive to obtain and at one time was literally worth it's weight in silver. It is perhaps because of its exclusiveness back in the day, that purple became a color associated with wealth and royalty, and it remains so today.

In the chakras, purple is the “crown” chakra – the color at the crown of the head (coincidence with royalty? Which came first I wonder – the naming/discovery of the chakra colors? Or the discovery of the exclusive shellfish dye?) Because it is the chakra color of the brain – the color represents pure thoughts.

In the crystal healing world, the purple amethyst is known for healing negativity and protecting one from poison. The word amethyst means “without drunkenness”.

Psychologically – purple is said to calm nerves, uplift, and encourage creativity. Interesting that the herb lavender is said to do much of the same!

Marketers use purple to signify royalty (Crown Royal), and also something exotic. However when I tried to think up a company who uses purple in their logo I couldn't come up with much. Yes, there is Crown Royal....but the only others I could think of were FedEx, Yahoo and Aussie. Otherwise only sports teams came to mind. Can you think of any? I have to confess...when I think of purple and businesses this is what my mind conjures up! (perhaps a little too much fast food when I was a youngster!)

I am definitely a fan of purple. I have lots of purple shirts and sweaters, and upon inspecting my closet I realized I even have a pair of purple jeans!

Well, I hope you will come back next week for the What's It To Hue? Tuesday purple reveal blog hop!


  1. Oh you know what I just got a bunch of purple! Love all the shades and fun it brings! Great post!

  2. Thank you for the research and information on "purple"!
    -Eva Maria


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