Friday, June 3, 2011

What's Old is New Again - "Aunt Win"

I was so excited about the Artbeads Design Partner theme this time around! This time it was "What's Old is New Again". I immediately thought of this very old necklace I have. It was given to me by my mother some years ago when she was cleaning out an old jewelry box. The necklace was broken and tangled up, but given my penchant for bead, my mother asked if I wanted it.

The necklace, my mother told me, used to belong to my Aunt Win. But my Aunt Win wasn't really my Aunt Win - she was more likely my Great-Great-Aunt Win. She was my Grandmother's Aunt. And as it turns out....if it weren't for Aunt Win, I wouldn't be here. You see, Aunt Win, was a secretary in the Air Force. Well, it just so happens, that my father was stationed at the Air Force base where Aunt Win worked. Aunt Win thought my dad and my mom should meet and she set it up! The rest you might say, is history!

Before starting this post, I thought I should find a picture of Aunt Win to include in this post where I was using her necklace!

This shot is circa 1981. Aunt Win is in the chair, flanked by Papa & Mama (my grandparents) and my Uncle Stanley and Aunt Tebby. (R.I.P. Papa, Mama & Aunt Win!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo)

Aunt Win was already quite aged in 1981 and according to my mother it was a necklace she'd had for some time. My best guess is the beads in the necklace are vintage Czech pressed glass. They were strung on red thread, and when I started taking them off the thread, they sure did sparkle!

From, I used a gorgeous cabochon as the focal, and surrounded it with these absolutely delicious gilt lined goldenrod seed beads...have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE these seed beads!?! I thought they were pretty in the picture - but they are even better in person. I may have to change my favorite color to goldenrod!

I also used a great selection of beautiful Swarovski crystal beads. Including rivolis, faceted rounds and bicones.

After several weeks and a few projects in between - here is the result. My homage to Aunt Win:

Have a great weekend - hope to see lots of you on Tuesday for the Pink & Green reveal for "What's It To Hue? Tuesday"!

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  1. Oh Aunt Win would be so proud of this! Amy this is so spectacular!

  2. This is so Cool! I love what you did with those beads. I'm sure your Aunt Win Would love it and approve and probably even try to talk you out of that piece.

  3. Amy-I absolutely love your creation! Fantastic creative job. Your aunt would love it. I hope you wear it with pride.


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