Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Bye Week

Ususally on Tuesdays I like to post regarding What's It To Hue....but this week will be a "bye week" sort of.

Next Monday is my birthday, and traditionally my husband takes me to Innovative Bead Expo that takes place the weekend before my birthday for some beady treats. I had to unexpectedly travel this past weekend however so I had to settle for using my bead money at a bead store in Pennsylvania. But I'm not complaining!

Beadweaver's in Luzern, PA wasn't in the fanciest part of town, but the store was so cute. As far as I can tell, they carry every single make and model of seed beads ever produced! And they also had a gorgeous selection of jewelry on display. On my way to Luzern, I thought long and hard about how I wanted to use my pre-birthday bead money, and realized I couldn't find the exact shade of tealish/aqua-y blue that I was using for this month's What's It To Hue.

I found what I was looking for almost immediately upon entering the store. And I found some other great colors to add to my seed bead collection!! It may not have been a bead expo, but it was still a nice treat!

So anyway I had to travel to Massachusetts again. The past week has been a trying one. I haven't blogged about it much because it makes me weep, but last weekend I lost my uncle - who, at only three years older than me, was more of a brother.

We grew up together. And although I knew he had an incurable form of bone cancer, it was still a huge shock to me that he died so quickly. Really, I was expecting a couple more years. I do feel blessed however, that I got to visit with him one last time when I was in Massachusetts last month.

So to make the road trip less arduous (flying was just not in the picture financially), I picked a half way point in PA to stay over on the way up and the way down, thus breaking my driving into four hour blocks.

My son, happens to love staying in hotels. He thinks they are the greatest thing! So even though he had to sit in the car for 16 hours in a three day period, the hotel stay made it worth it for him! LOL! And in the quiet city of Wilkes-Barre, I was able to get a lovely 3-star hotel at a bargain!

In the two nights we spent at the hotel, we just chilled out, watched movies, ate yummy take out, popped microwave popcorn, and played with beads(well...I played with beads, he played his DS):

And I had a particularly glorious moment yesterday morning when I woke quite early and while Jackson was still sleeping, I spent nearly two hours relaxing on this comfy chair, reading blogs, surfing the net, flipping through magazines, sipping a cup of tea and well...just enjoying the quiet.

And speaking of glorious moments...on our way back to the hotel on Sunday night, a couple hours after the memorial service, I snapped this shot of the clouds....maybe I was under the influence of hoping that lost loved ones were now angels among usl...but don't those clouds next to the sun look like wings....


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss Amy and I hope that your Uncle passed peacefully. Looks like you and your soon had some well deserved quiet time together! He looks so cute in that big bed!

  2. Sorry for your Loss Amy! My youngest son was the same way about hotel/motel rooms..I think he like the Little soaps and shampoos...He used to put them in his little carry bag! BEFORE we ever got to use them..LOL. And yes- Those clouds are Angel wings!

  3. Oh Amy, I'm so sorry you lost your uncle. I'm very glad you found those peaceful moments to enjoy throughout such a hard trip. My kids like hotels with glass elevators. :)
    You are right, those definitely look like wings. The hubs and I have been doing a lot of..."Hey, that cloud looks like..." lately.

  4. Oh Amy! I am so sorry I am so late on this one. I have an aunt that is only 6 years older and we are more like sisters so I know how hard this hit you. Yes those clouds look like wings and I truly believe they were left there for you to see. I am also sorry for missing your birthday! Hugest of Hugs sent your way!


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