Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's It To Hue? Tuesday

My favorite shade of blue is the 'Montana blue' shade in the Swarovski crystal line. If you aren't familiar it's the darker blue crystal in these earrings:

and I also have a huge stash of 15/0 seed beads in a nearly identical color which I used in these earrings:

I've mentioned before that pink and orange are my favorites. And while those two may be on the top of my list, I feel like I love all the other colors equally!

When I first moved into the house I live in now, about four years ago, this Montana blue kept creeping in as my favorite color. I was so drawn to it for about a year or so. It kept surprising me when I bought clothes or sheets or slipcovers in that color. For goodness sake, I thought pink and orange were my favorites, yet when given the choice I kept picking this shade of blue!

It is said that blue is a color that calms and relaxes and maybe that was my influence. It was a tumultuous time in my life, and maybe I was drawn to the color because I sought peace! In any case, I was left with a lovely assortment of blue beads in this shade.

So what does blue mean to you? What's it to hue???


  1. Amy I love that color also! Especially the AB versions, and I'm like you blue isn't even my favorite color!

    Blue to me means water and I love water. :-)

  2. Well, blue is my favorite color, in all shades! I usually wear the darker hues of it, from cobalt to royal to navy. But I'm really learning to love a lot more colors, the more I participate in color challenges! :)


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