Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's It To Hue? Tuesday - Blue

Congratulations Kristen, blog author of My Bead Journey - you win the drawing for last month's What's It To Hue?

For this round I tried the color wheel picker a few times but nothing was jumping out at me. (I know, I know, that kind of defeats the purpose of using a random color picker!) In the meanwhile however, I've been feeling a tightness in my throat, I even got a cramp in my throat the other day (boy that hurt!). So I thought, hmmm, let me see what color that chakra is, and if I haven't done that color yet, I will use that for What's It To Hue? Tuesday.

As it turns out I haven't done this color yet - it's BLUE!

Here are some tidbits regarding the throat chakra I picked up off of of About.com:
  • Color - blue
  • Sanskrit Name - vishuddha
  • Physical Location - throat, neck region
  • Purposes - learning to take responsibility for one's own needs
  • Spiritual Lesson - confession, surrender personal will over to divine will, faith, truthfulness over deceit
  • Physical Dysfunctions- sore throat, mouth ulcers, scoliosis, swollen glands, thyroid dysfunctions, laryngitis, voice problems, gum or tooth problems, TMJ
  • Mental and Emotional Issues - personal expression, creativity, addiction, criticism, faith, decision making (choices), will, lack of authority
  • Information Stored Inside Throat Chakra - self-knowledge, truth, attitudes, hearing, taste, smell
  • Area of Body Governed - throat, thyroid, trachea, neck vertebrae, mouth, teeth, gums, esophagus,
I could probably write an essay on why I think my throat is tight based on what I read about this chakra, but if I did that, I would have to title this post: "Things I Should Maybe Talk to a Therapist About". LOL!

I'll have some more info on BLUE next week....but in the meanwhile, if you'd like to play along, I will have a reveal on September 6! I'll be working on clearing my throat chakra while beading! All you have to do is make something blue, and blog about it! I will have a giveaway again, just haven't had a chance to photograph it yet!

P.S. Fellow Bead Soup Blog Partiers - how excited are you!?! I put together my soup last week and I'm so excited to send it to my partner.


  1. YAY!!!! I am so excited! I may or may not be able to get into this one due to craziness of dorm prep and kindergarten. ARGH I need a post with "Things I should talk to a therapist about"

  2. Yeah Kristen! Your piece was gorgeous!!! Congratulations! I think we should just make a FB page with the title Things I should talk to a therapist about. lol. I'm so glad I stumbled across this post on color picking day! I keep missing it! Blue is perfect. Amy, whenever I get energy clearing work done, I ALWAYS have blockages in my throat chakra, every single time.

  3. Wonderful - I love to work with chakra color charts when creating: it makes the personal connection more palpable in the completed work, I feel.

    As a new bead soup-er I'm super excited!! Now if only I could decide and get something in the mail to my partner!!

  4. I'm so excited to see what the two of you make!

  5. This is a fantasic idea :)I was about to start work on something green, but now... darn.. may have it set it aside and go for blue :)

    As a first time Bead Souper myself, I'm loving it :D The joy of choosing the soup for your partner and the excitement of waiting for you package to arrive... it's like we're all kids at Christmas waiting to open our gifts so we can play with our new toys ;) lol


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