Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's It To Hue? Tuesday - reveal

I really enjoyed working with these colors.

Orange is one of my favorite colors, and blue and orange as complimentary colors really make glad! Many years ago I began a rather large project with blue & orange as the theme. I wanted to make a beaded quilt. I'm not sure why I stopped, but after this What's It To Hue? challenge, I think I may have to finish this project up!


For this month's What's It To Hue? challenge, I decided to try out the "wavy triangle" pattern, which I saw on Beads For Brains' blog. IN fact, I've been seeing quite a lot of it in the bead blogger community! So here is my wavy triangle in the orange colors with a splash of that teal!

Disclaimer: I think this triangle looks pretty awesome on this side - however, the back side is not quite right and crimped in a few places. The pattern was very easy to follow - but putting the two pieces together was somewhat of a challenge. And while I am happy with how it turned out, I wasn't really feeling it for a piece of jewelry. My son on the other hand, hovered around quite a bit while I was making it telling me 'how cool' he thought it was. So instead of creating a piece of jewelry with this wavy triangle, I gave it to him as an amulet!

I can't deny, I briefly thought about the Miami Dolphins when I first started playing with these colors. But with the high percentage of orange in this piece, those thoughts went away! What about you - what do you think about orange? What do you think about orange and blue? Orange with a hint of teal?

Did you try out these colors this past month?! If so - please leave your link below and you will be entered to win this stash of orange & copper beads!

I will leave entering open until Monday, August 8!


  1. Oh I love your "amulet" I want to try that but still on the busy side. Thanks so much for this fun challenge!

  2. i love your wavey trianle colours! I have made one as well, but i did mine in blacks and grays, and I am making into a focal point for a necklace, I am working on the necklace right now. When completed this will be a "thank you" gift for my 27 year old niece, who has been helping out my mom, her grandma, during surgery recovery. She always tells me I don't need to thank her, but I wanted to make her something special.


  3. Love your triangle Amy! Wish I could pick colors like you do! I ended up making quite a cute keychain with mine! LOL.


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