Friday, September 9, 2011

Anticipation and Sneak Peeks!

Earlier this week I finally finished my seven season Hulu Plus marathon of Grey's Anatomy! I miss those interns and residents! But now I have the eighth season to look forward to in a couple weeks.

I also finished the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy! Oh my goodness. That was quite a ride! If I thought I missed the interns and residents of Grey's, I am all but heartbroken that I don't have anything more to read about Katniss and all those around her!!! But I guess now I can anxiously await the movie adaptation!

I am also very excited for the BEAD SOUP BLOG PARTY! I can't beleive that will be here in a week. I was able to make two pieces from my soup that was provided by the talented Alison at BeadsByEarthTones. I can't wait to see everyone's creations!!

In non-Bead Soup Blog Party news, in the bezeling department, I bezeled this beautiful cab made by Lori from Out of the Flames.

And I also recently finished this bezel that was back in the June issue of Bead & Button. This was called Lemon Squeezy - as in Easy Peasy. And it was! If you have some 14mm rivolis laying around these are really fun to make:


  1. Looking forward to the 17th when we get to see more then just a tease. The necklace and earrings are very pretty. I love the lemon squeezy earrings they are so pretty.

  2. Those color combos are gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing the whole thing!


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