Thursday, September 1, 2011

Usually I stay calm. People who work with me have been known to describe me as 'she is always so calm'. But today I have been having a day. Filled with the fallout of daring to go on vacation last week.

Thinking maybe I should have just worked a few hours each day of the vacation.
It's funny how in the beginning of the week you have your ginormous to-do list and it's so neat and detailed next to your piles of work that are piled up nice and tidy. It all seem so do-able. But then days pass....a conference call with your biggest client happens....county schools are closed for two days because 200 streets are still impassable from the hurricane....a new project is out on your plate...etc...and by the time Thursday rolls around you are feeling buried...overwhelmed.....stressed....and in the meanwhile, you have a cub scout meeting looming for the evening....and despite what they say, it isn't an hour a week

...preparing takes time and going takes time and socializing on either side of the meeting takes time ...and then as you are preparing notes to discuss with the parents at tonight's meeting, you begin to feel your ever-growing piles encroaching on your space....the inevitable heart starts to beat faster, your hands get a little shaky, you have butterflies in your stomach, you become a little snappish....

And this is how I found myself tonight when my husband called to let me know he leaving the office shortly ( oh great! I it's time to get dinner ready). And so I inform my husband to stop talking to me the way he is (which really isn't any way at all!), and then I warn him...look, I'm in a bad way today. What!? why? Tell me what happened? To which I explain...nothing happened I'm just stressed out and feeling really nervous and anxious. And you know what he said....he said, well, let me do cub scouts tonight and you just eat something and go to sleep (his cure all for just about everything). I, of course, resist because he wont be prepared, he already said he was tired and so on...but then I realize....wait - let him help you! So instead of martyring myself, he is taking Jackson to cub scouts tonight!

(Thanks for being there tonight hubs!)

And just like that, about half of the weight lifted off me. I eyed the new issue of Bead & Button that arrived today with fresh eyes. And so I am feeling grateful that I stopped trying to do it all and that I have someone to help take the load off. I plan to tackle my work piles and get them into manageable stacks. Revamp my to-do list and then kick back on the couch with a glass of vino and my B&B....because after all, tomorrow is another day!

I beaded quite a bit last weekend. Most of it I can't post because some of it is for birthday gifts of people who might read my blog...and I haven't quite sent them out in the mail yet.

And I finished a few things for my blue What's It To Hue?...which I will reveal on Tuesday. I hope you will play along!

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  1. Oh, I know what you're talking about. For me, the only thing harder than accepting help from someone is ASKING for help. Is this some genetic thing that causes women to think they have to handle everything? I sure hope not! But I'm happy for you that you have a helpful, kind & understanding husband. I do, too, and I'm so grateful!!


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