Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gosh, has it really been nine days since I've surfaced?!  I keep meaning to get to my blog....and keep WISHING I could get to my bead room....but alas - I haven't been able to do either in over a week!  I can't stand it.  But the new issues of Beadwork and Bead &; Button have got my creative juices flowing!!! Over coffee this morning I flagged a few things I want to work on!

And in spite of the chaos...or maybe because of the chaos...and the need to put a smile on our faces...we visited an Amish farm yesterday and brought this little guy home!
Meet Bingo!

We'd been looking for a playmate for our other dog, Molly, for quite a while since we've seen how much she loves other dogs.  Bingo is getting acquainted with the family very well!

This weather is crazy!!! Is it snowing in your neck of the woods?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beading Babes piece & a loss...

In case you don't know about it...Karyn over at Releases by Rufydoof, started a cool group called Beading Babes.  The object is for a group of us to tackle the same pattern and discuss it and eventually reveal it!  The reveal was Sunday - so I'm a little late (but I have a good excuse...more on that later).

The pattern selected was Carol Ohl's Camelot Cross.  This pretty pattern worked up very quickly and I really love the way the center crystals sparkle!

 When  have a little more time on my hands I really want to try this pattern with smaller crystals and smaller seed beads!

 I haven't had a chance to check out and comment on all the other Beading Babes' pieces.  I took a quick glance earlier today and really loved the different colors and finishing on the others!

Now sadly onto my loss.  My father-in-law has been in and out of the hospital and rehab facilities since June....father's day to be exact!  We got a call Saturday morning that just before midnight, they found him with no vitals, but were able to revive him...however we were told it didn't look good.  After three days of continuing deterioration, he passed on Tuesday.  We are all doing okay, albeit sad.

Upon sorting through his things, we found a HUGE treasure of old photos!  It was so neat.  Maybe it's my recent obsession with my past and ancestry...but I just loved seeing these old photos.  So in a nod to my late father-in-law, here are some of the photos!

This is REAL sepia tone - not an effect!
This pictures was about 2X2 inches, I'm shocked at how well it scanned! Circa 1950's.  (FIL far right)
Serving in Korea - circa 1951 (FIL center)


RIP Ron (1931-2011)

Friday, October 14, 2011


I love Friday nights.  I love the nice feeling of the completion of a week (a.k.a. 'thank goodness this week's over!').  The pending weekend.  The relaxation.  The pizza.  The movie.  The glass of wine.  And thankfully tonight is no different! 

My day started so special today though, that had to share (even though my photos I took to share the moment aren't very high quality!).

Every morning I take this little pooch of mine along the WB & A trail for a morning walk. 
It's a wonderful trail and we are lucky to have an entrance to it just at the end of our street (about 5 houses away). 

Because there is sort of a forest along both sides of the trail, we see lots of wildlife.  On the walk above, Jackson saw a fox.  On another walk we saw this crazy looking caterpillar!  Does anyone even know what kind of caterpillar this is!!!  This guy was about four inches long and one inch wide! 

 Some mornings I'm the only person on the trail and I get lucky and see a few deer literally cross my path.  The dog goes nuts and spooks them usually.  But I never tire of seeing these lovely creatures.

This morning however, I was walking along the trail, at a section where the land dips beyond the trail and some of the tops of the trees are close to eye level, I caught a creature staring at me!!!

haha - this picture is so grainy I feel like I'm trying to document Saskwatch! (maybe tomorrow morning!)

This barred owl absolutely moved my spirit this morning! He was so BIG!  Almost 2 feet tall! And he just stared and stared as I moved around the edge of the trail trying to get a good shot of him!  On this lower shot, he actually has his back to me but turned his head all the way around to watch me.

I'm almost finished with my Camelot Cross bracelet for the Beading Babes reveal this weekend.   Here's another sample patch I did....but it's not the color scheme I used for my final piece! Tune in Sunday the 16th for the reveal!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's It To Hue? Tuesday! - new color palette

Has it really been a week since I posted?? I guess it has.  I had an amazingly wonderful weekend.  My best friend of almost 40years came to visit me, with her lovely daughters, and we had such an enjoyable time together!!

If you'd like to learn more about What's It To Hue?, just click here.  Won't you play along?

For this month's colors, the selection is the Brilliance palette (from Olympic Paint's Audubon can pick one up at Lowes or download here). 

Upon reviewing all the Audubon Collection palettes, I was very drawn to this one.  The quote attached to it is pretty fantastic too, in my opinion. 

How do you go wrong when working with nature's colors!? 

If you would like to play along, I will do a reveal on November 1st, with a linky tool to everyone's blogs!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's It To Hue? Tuesday!

Well...I was worried about not finishing my What's It To Hue? piece...and that worry perpetuated itself and I did not finish!!!  I am ALMOST finished though, and I have a plan for a pendant to add to this:

I hope to have it finished in the next couple of days.  Did you make something for What's It To Hue?  I have a linky tool below, so please link up if you made something within that palette!

To my defense in not completing my What's It To Hue piece....I have been working on this piece (and taking it apart and starting over quite a bit!) for my friend Jean...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Weekend

Happy Sunday to all!  It's been a fun weekend, and was able to get quite a bit of beading in.  With the family, I also attended our town's community day on Saturday,
Jackson preparing his styrofoam 'boat' for a race....I didn't have high expectations of this event,
but it was  actually a lot of fun - we all had a really good time!

and today we went on a long hike with the dog!
Haha, we couldn't get this dog to swim ALL summer, but today, when
the weather was 50 degrees we couldn't get her out of the water!

I had hoped to post earlier this weekend, but the truth is, I have a new addiction which I will get to a little later in this post.  I was also hoping to take some photos of my beading progress this weekend, I haven't seen the sun since Friday and all my attempts turned out futile!

I've been working on my friend Jean's bracelet for the Pink Rocks the Runway fashion show.  I am starting to feel a lot of pressure on this one and really need to calm down!  My original vision has completely changed and morphed into something new.  I still like it, but now I have all this pressure (that ONLY I have put on my self), to make sure this is really spectacular.  I'm 80% done, but now I need a different clasp than I originally planned for and I can't decide if I should make my own or go get a slider clasp that I think will work perfectly as well!

I have been very bad about working on my What's It To Hue? piece!!! I hope I can finish by Tuesday!!!

A couple weeks ago I was the VERY lucky winner of Mortira's (Inspirational Beading) faux crystal giveaway!!!   They came in the mail on Saturday and I have been drooling over them since!!

At first glance, it is hard to tell these aren't real crystal. They are very light, but they are sparkly and the colors are very rich!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH Mortira!!! I can't wait to play with them!

So...onto my new obsession/addiction.   Back in August, I received a membership to as a birthday gift.  Usually when I sit down to my computer with free time I tend to read other blogs, check out facebook, post on my own blog.... but since I have been a member of, every time I sit at the computer, I can't stop going on the site and researching!!!  I AM ADDICTED!!!  Of course, I've been lucky as well.  As it turns out I have long lines of relatives that have lived in this country a very long time.  Some of my ancestors lead me to dead ends.  These are the ones who came to this country two or three generations ago.  But others.....WOW!  It's so fun and exciting to learn where you came from!  Once you start entering data (name, date of brith, date of death etc...), searches their databases and lets you know if they've found anything that might help you learn more about your lineage (censuses, death records, marriage records, immigration passenger lists etc...).  It is so fun and it's hard to stop once you get the little hints popping up when you add new names. 

After getting a taste of the genealogy but...I took a class at my library on genealogy.  I learned A LOT at this class.  Most importantly, I learned about a lot of free databases I have access to through the library. 

So when I got home and started plugging in names, I was rewarded with a lot of amazing data!

Such at this obituary and gravestone photo of my great-great-grandfather (and great-great-grandmother):

How cool is that!?! 

Most of my dad's grandparents died before he was even born.  So now at 65, he is having a hard time confirming the names of his grandparents.  But last week, he was going through some of my paternal grandparent's things and found a family tree!  I receive that in the mail on Saturday too! (Saturday was a great mail day!)  That opened up a whole new line of ancestors for me and I spent a good part of the weekend learning about them! 

In another post I'll share some of my findings.  It's been pretty amazing locating and reading old documents and books about my ancestors!!!

Ultimately, I hope to put together a book or scrapbook of some kind to share with my brother, my son and my nieces.