Friday, October 14, 2011


I love Friday nights.  I love the nice feeling of the completion of a week (a.k.a. 'thank goodness this week's over!').  The pending weekend.  The relaxation.  The pizza.  The movie.  The glass of wine.  And thankfully tonight is no different! 

My day started so special today though, that had to share (even though my photos I took to share the moment aren't very high quality!).

Every morning I take this little pooch of mine along the WB & A trail for a morning walk. 
It's a wonderful trail and we are lucky to have an entrance to it just at the end of our street (about 5 houses away). 

Because there is sort of a forest along both sides of the trail, we see lots of wildlife.  On the walk above, Jackson saw a fox.  On another walk we saw this crazy looking caterpillar!  Does anyone even know what kind of caterpillar this is!!!  This guy was about four inches long and one inch wide! 

 Some mornings I'm the only person on the trail and I get lucky and see a few deer literally cross my path.  The dog goes nuts and spooks them usually.  But I never tire of seeing these lovely creatures.

This morning however, I was walking along the trail, at a section where the land dips beyond the trail and some of the tops of the trees are close to eye level, I caught a creature staring at me!!!

haha - this picture is so grainy I feel like I'm trying to document Saskwatch! (maybe tomorrow morning!)

This barred owl absolutely moved my spirit this morning! He was so BIG!  Almost 2 feet tall! And he just stared and stared as I moved around the edge of the trail trying to get a good shot of him!  On this lower shot, he actually has his back to me but turned his head all the way around to watch me.

I'm almost finished with my Camelot Cross bracelet for the Beading Babes reveal this weekend.   Here's another sample patch I did....but it's not the color scheme I used for my final piece! Tune in Sunday the 16th for the reveal!


  1. Wow that owl looks awesome... I didn't think they came out in the daytime? Anywhooooo I love him! Nice work on Camelot Cross too... I can't wait to see everyone's pieces!


  2. Amy, You are so fortunate to have a trail like that so close to you. I love the woods and the creatures that live within. In the mornings while I'm getting ready for work (4:30am) and all is still quite in the city I can sometimes here an owl hooting somewhere near by. My thoughts always go to my cat in hopes that the owl does not make a meal of him.


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