Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lost & Found

So the truth is....I lost my beading inspiration some weeks my defense it was probably around the time we had a death in the family and in the meanwhile I picked up two new work contracts...and my food & wine festival is less than 100 days away (pressure!)....and so on and so on and so on...

I tried a bunch of times to go up to the bead room....I would set up my computer to watch Hulu, and would put some beads on the table (my regular routine)....but then I would just stare at the beads, and really just watch tv...kind of pathetic actually!!  Then I got so irritated with myself that I just stopped going upstairs altogether. 

Two weekends ago I met up with my girlfriend down in Virginia.  We have an annual fall tradition of taking our kids to the pumpkin farm and goofing around for a day:

Bridget showed me a dress she would be wearing to a wedding the following weekend that looked very similar to this:

So when I got home that day I thought I could get my inspiration back by throwing some earrings together for her to go with her dress (I had grand plans for a bracelet too...).  

I figured I would make them on Monday, put them in the mail on Tuesday, and she'd have them by Wednesday.....plenty of time before she got on the plane on Friday...however I must have known better, which is why I never even mentioned it to her.  I started them on Tuesday....and finished them while the wedding was actually taking place....(these earrings take about 40 minutes total to create)  :( 

Again - pretty pathetic!!!
BUUUUUUUT - it did get a spark going for me.  although I was ready to call it quits in the bead room, I decided to push it a little more and forced myself to bead up one of the patterns I created.  

It's a tiny little piece - 1.5inchesx1.5inches....but I swore I wouldn't do anything else with my spare time until I finished the little guy....and you know what?!  Picking out the colors...seeing the pattern come to really made the magic happen for me.  I found my inspiration again.   Thank you little blue jay!!!  Big things really DO come in small packages.

Now I feel refreshed and positively itching to get back into my beads!  Which is why I signed up for the color challenge over at Treasures Found.  (For this challenge, Erin assigns all the participants a color palette from Design Seeds)  And I'm dying to get started on my Beading Babes pieces.  Our group has two patterns to choose from this time around and I'm planning to do both!  
My inspiration has been lost and found many times over the last 17 years that I've been a 'beader'.  But it's been a few years since I've hit a slump like the past several weeks!  I am thrilled that the fire has been lit again. 

What do you do when you're in a creative slump?


  1. You know I think we all go through moments like this when it comes to our beading and creativity....glad to see you are back though!

    I love love love those earrings.. did you design them or do you have the link to the pattern? I'd love to make a pair!


  2. YAY! Those earrings are gorgeous and that little blue jay well kiss him for me he truly inspired you. I am in the color challenge too! So excited! You know you have been in my thoughts!


  3. Yea Amy, glad you are back in the mood again! I can not wait to see what your pieces are going to look like. Both Beading Babes projects are easy and can be done in a few hours (that is if you don't run out of beads LOL). I love those earrings, and the same as Karyn, are they your own design or come from a pattern? Oh and about the scanned pattern I promised, I'm still working on it ran into a problem with the scanner.

  4. Oops I'm sorry Amy it was Kristen that I promised the scanned pattern to. Her post was above mine that is why I was thinking of my promise.

  5. Love those earrings-- very pretty! And not to worry--everyones Muse takes a little vacation now and again.. I call it "mulling" over ideas....Sometimes you just have to step away for awhile.


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