Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beading Babes Project #2 Reveal

It's time for the second installment of Beading Babes to reveal their project(s)!  This time around we had to choose from (or do both): Carole Ohl's "Earthly Hues" or Hatsumi Oshitani's "Sleek In Silver".  I was able to finish up "Sleek in Silver" so quickly - that I decided to both!

Here is my Sleek in Silver piece:

This pattern was really easy to follow and it worked up really quickly.  I have always been a fan of St. Petersburg stitch and this is a modified version of that.  I didn't have any briolettes, so I used top drilled swarovski crystals that I had in my stash.  All I had were clear ones and they are so hard to photograph!

I do want to comment on the tila beads.  While I VERY much liked the way the 'snap together and the tile look they create, I wasn't incredibly impressed with the quality of each bead.  They felt brittle, and the finish on them - mine were a/b finish - was quite poor.  I would be willing to try another finish - maybe opaque, or matte finish, but I didn't like these translucent ones I worked with. 

The "Earthly Hues" pattern worked up quite nicely and quickly too!  I just learned and started loving herringbone stitch this year and using these large beads makes a rope really fast!  On the flip side, the size 6 beads felt a little clumsy with herringbone and I don't like they way you can see the thread so easily in the hollow of the bead.

 I knew when I started, I wouldn't have enough of either 6's or cubes, but when I did as many as I could and finished the necklace with a size 11 herringbone rope.  I like the pendant, however, I couldn't figure out how to get the tow top cubes to sit correctly for the bail - eventually I improvised but I didn't find the directions especially clear at that part. 

All in all though I really enjoyed doing both of these pieces and I'm sure I will be revisiting these patterns for future use!  Thank you to Karen who is the ringleader of the Beading Babes group!


  1. These are gorgeous Amy.. I had heard that about some of the tilas and the finishes. I have bought some but still havent used them. Your pieces are Gorgeous!

  2. Amy, I love your necklaces they are both so pretty. I agree that both patterns worked up fast and were pretty easy to do. I did however run out of 3mm cubes on Earthly Hues and I also ddo not like how the thread shows between the 3mm cubes and the 6/0 seeds.

  3. WOW I see that we are so alike in the way we like things to work and modifications when they don't! I love both of your pieces your stitching is impeccable!

  4. Ohhh I love both of your pieces Amy! The Sleek in Silver is really soft and pretty and very feminine.

    I have to agree with you on the Tila beads. Quite a few of mine were chipped in the corner...I suppose in a different style of piece they could still be used but I felt the chips were just too noticeable in this piece.

    I ran out of cubes and size 6/0 beads for Earthly Hues... even though I had 12.5gm of 6/0's and the pattern only called for 5gm... very annoyed. I have just ordered some more beads so I can finish it off. I too found the size 6/0 beads a bit fiddly to use and also don't like that the thread is visible but overall I love the design - I guess we could play around with other sized beads.

    Thanks again for joining Beading Babes!


  5. What a great solution for the top end of the necklace. I agree, the instructions needed some tweaking on that bail part. I must have read the instructions wrong, cause I used size 8 beads, not size 6. They worked great. I just adore both of your color choices. Wonderful job!!

  6. Those are both wonderful. I especially love the colors you chose for Earthly Hues. I also loved that you used the top drilled beads in Sleek in Silver. Wonderful work!

  7. I really like both pieces, but especially the "Sleek in Silver"!

    It isn't only the transparent Tilas that are brittle. I've used both of the gold colors, and they are also brittle and many of them were chipped in the package. There is another brand of czech two-hole tile beads distributed wholesale by Starman, but I am having trouble finding them anywhere retail to try them out.


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