Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Wow - is today really the last day of 2011?!

It's been a busy year

  • 120 posts
  • 831 comments (thank you so much for them, it really warmed my heart to re-read some of these)
  • 10 challenges/hops/parties
  • 1 broken bone
  • 2 new dogs
  • 2 loved ones lost
  • 4000 miles put on my car between June and October (it should be noted here that I don't commute, and I work from home!)
  • 2 amazing bead stash wins
  • 1 bead competition first prize
  • 3 Artbeads design partner pieces created
  • 8 times I mention on my blog, how happy I am that it's Friday
  • 3 Beading Babes project pieces created

At the beginning of the year, I imposed a challenge to myself to not buy any beads the whole year! Having realized that I was spending on beads rather frivolously, and having a look at my financial situation, I decided it would be a great money saving venture, not to mention a great challenge to be forced to “use what I have”. That being said, it wasn't as if it was a huge hardship to go without purchasing new beads for a year, I've been beading for over 15 years now, so you can imaging the stash size when in the past I've given myself free reign to purchase beads at will!

And it isn't as though I didn't get any new beads this year.....back in May I won a contest at my local bead shop and won a $75 gift certificate. For Mother's Day I received a Michaels gift card.

 On my birthday there were two crisp $20 bills with instructions to be spent on beads at the store of my choice.
I participated in two Bead Soup Blog Parties in which I received two gorgeous packages of beads. And just a few weeks ago I was the very lucky recipient of an amazing bead stash – that win is still blowing my mind!!!

So WOW! I'm amazed at how many new beads came into my world this year when I was worried about how hard it would be to not buy any beads.

I did have one slip up when I was working on the first Beading Babes project and noticed I had some sort of aversion to 6mm beads. So I bought some 6mm crystal to make the bracelet!  But to my defense, I found the crystals I "needed" in the $1 bin at Walmart.

So all in all it was a huge success. This challenge really pushed me creatively when I didn't have the freedom to go get whatever I needed any time I started a project.

Now as 2012 is upon me, I need to decide on my bead purchasing plans! I will definitely be attending the 2012 Winter Bead Show put on by the Baltimore Bead Society next weekend. Tomorrow I'll be going to Bead Soup for the Flocking Together event (where we will be making squares for the Bead-It-Forward Quilt project.)  And I definitely plan to treat myself with some beads on both occasions.  This year I hope to approach my bead buying with a defined budget for so called needs, and for beads I simply want!  
And now, for a little something from the 'warm your heart' files (at least in my opinion, ha!) my son loves to play with pipe cleaners make little sculptures (he does this with aluminum foil too) and so I pick up packages of them periodically.  Sometimes single colored, sometimes in multi-colored.

Earlier this week, as I was pounding away at my keyboard, working at my desk, Jackson came down from his room and said, I made something for you.... and then he handed me this!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year filled with pink-pipe-cleaner-LOVE!


  1. Your post warmed my heart this morning. What a great year you've had! I applaud your efforts to control your bead spending. I need to do that too. I wish you a happy and productive year, and will be checking in to see where your creative spirit takes you in the future. Love reading your posts,

  2. How sweet your son is!! And, he's pretty talented to! Have a good time at Bead Soup tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you all. Happy New Year to you.

  3. What a great year! I hope 2012 treats you just as well! Happy New Year Amy!

  4. Amy, You did have a very wonderful year and I hope that one day my bead stash will be to the point where I do not have to go out and purchase beads for projects (truth be told I could probably get away with not buying them now for each project, but I'm a beadaholic!LOL) Have fun at the Bead Soup and I wish you all the best for 2012!

  5. You've had a fantastic year and I am touched that you even mentioned Beading Babes in your achievements! I too will be approaching my beading from a different angle...I am hoping Beading Babes is going to take off in 2012 and this in turn will create a new path for me in regards to my beading. I'd also like to start incorporating Swarovski crystals into my pieces - ahh if only they were cheaper!

    I adore what your son made for sweet!

  6. Ohhh and Happy New Year!!!!


  7. I am so proud of my BEST most wonderful friend for setting this lofty goal, and meeting it!!!! You are an inspiration to me in SO many ways!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!


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