Monday, December 5, 2011

Help Colin Get His Boys Back!

I know Colin from many years back when he dated my friend and roommate.  I spent plenty of time with him, including several road trips from DC - Boston and back!   Whenever I hear stories about kidnapped children my heart breaks, but it is especially hard to hear about it, when you know one of the parents.  Here is what Colin posted on his page today "Help Bring Noor and Ramsay Home":
"Hi all, here is an FBI public service announcement asking for your help to track down Mirvat el Nady. This is the same type of PSA which led to the arrest of Whitey Bulger. This shows the FBI has not forgotten Noor and Ramsay, and is continuing their move forward. The PSA is being translated to French and Arabic, and circulated globally. Please post, Tweet and forward to your communities so we can help the FBI generate as much awareness as possible. Thank you all, on behalf of myself, Noor and Ramsay."
Please listen and pass long this podcast!

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