Monday, December 19, 2011

"It's the Most Wonderful Time...of the Year!"

When I tell the story of what led me to leave the restaurant industry, I tell a story about what it was like that last holiday season of being the director of sales, for a restaurant group that had four popular restaurants in DC.  I was working 70-80 hours a week, hiring babysitters I barely knew, pulling dirty clothes out of the hamper to send my kindergartener to school in.  All the while I was a single mom, and both myself and my son were so stressed out by my hectic schedule, we were in tears just about every night in the month of December.  It was somewhere around the 19th, I decided - I simply couldn't do it anymore.  I gave notice two months later, and finally (sort of ) left the industry three months after that!

That was five years ago, and I slowly grew out of being accustomed to the madness of holidays!  This year however, was a bit chaotic.

A few days after Thanksgiving, my colleague and I got the green light, to produce a farmers market in one of the most desolate areas of D.C.
They (the city of Washington DC) wanted us (Kelly & I), to do two of them in December!  Yikes!  Needless to say, it was crazy getting this ready.  We did a little bit of work ahead of time, but didn't want to do to much because the contract wasn't signed....and then was signed and we had to make it happen 10 and 17 days later!!!

Suddenly I felt like I was going back in time and right back into the madness of December!!!  But thankfully, I was able to work from home, which means, laundry still gets done...dinner, well, not all the time (I have ordered a bit of take out in the last three weeks!), but at least I get to eat with my family.

And both days went great.  Frankly - this is one of those projects that you work on and feel pretty good having done it.

Part of the concept was to make it feel like a community I sent out an invitation to every school in the ward (about 30) to have their chorus or band perform, and only one responded....and THEY WERE GREAT!

This was a local elementary school - how FABULOUSLY IN SYNC are these two in the front!?!

I can't lie - these kids were the highlight of my day. could argue that the next part of this story would definitely be the bead-y highlight of my day!!! 

We also had chef demonstrations at the market.
Her cauliflower soup was divine.....

But later on....after all the photo ops I was thanking our wonderful chef for participating in this event, she stopped the conversation, and reached over to my ear and said "ooooooooooooooh these are soooooooooo cute!"
(I made these to go with my Bead Soup Blog Party piece!)

And my two colleauges both piped in "Amy made them! She makes beaded jewelry!"  And then the chef said - "I love wearing earrings" and I said, "well I will hook you up!" And she said, "if you do, I'll wear them on my show!"  And then.....we worked out the details of where I should send them! 

Okay - so maybe that was the highlight of my day.... :) 

So I am UBER excited about this opportunity. Really!?! My earrings on a major television network!? I cannot wait to get started on this once I'm finished with my Christmas presents!!!

I finished a few pieces over the weekend and only have about 4 more to go this week!
A beautiful bead from BeadsByEarthTones!

I forget how much I enjoy stringing sometimes! 

Now my main focus is to get my packages ready to ship to Massachusetts.  I was freaking out last week that I may not get them there on time....but now I'm feeling very peaceful and if they get there before Christmas that will be great, but if not they will get there a day or two after - and that will be okay too! 


  1. Congratulations, Amy!! How cool! Your Christmas presents look great.

  2. Oh Amy, I'm so thrilled you were able to start a farmers market. Especially in a lower income area. And all the wonderful memories from this one will make it a great Christmas to look back on. The girls were adorable, and you can see how happy everyone was. What a great opportunity to showcase your earrings!!! And yes, I do love it when someone else tells people about my jewelry, instead of me self-promoting! Have a wonderful holiday!!!

  3. Oh wow Amy the farmer's market day looked like it was a real success, congratulations to you and your colleauges. Also how wonderful is it to have someone go wowzers over one of your creations to the point that they just have to have a piece like it. Congratulations on the fact that your creation will be worn by someone on a national tv channel. The Christmas gifts you created are gorgeous and I am sure whoever they are for will love them. I like the simplicity of stringing beads also, but then after a while of stringing I want to go back to bead weaving. So I found if I work on a couple of stringing project and then a bead weaving project I am ok.
    Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year,

  4. The kids ROCK, and I totally love those earrings!


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