Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Friday!

Every morning I take my sweet pups outside right around sunrise....not because it's sunrise, but it's usually time for one of them to.....

Anyway this morning's sunrise was so spectacular in color I had to run (and I ran) back into the house to get my camera.  The pictures don't even do the this morning's colors justice, but I had to share, because the colors just made me so glad.  Here are a few taken with different camera settings and then a shot of the sky when I looked up!

Did I mention the pictures don't even do this sunrise justice!?

Anyway - I am ridiculously excited to attend the Baltimore Bead Society's Winter Bead Show tomorrow!!  I have a budget and I plan to stick to it!! (crossing fingers anyway!!!)

Also - tomorrow will be the sign-ups for the Bead Soup Blog Party!!!  After such a huge turnout last time around - Lori has understandably decided to do a lottery for 200 lucky Bead Soupers!  I have SOOOO loved this event I am really hoping to get in!!!  Totally rubbing the lucky ear for this one.  But hey - if I don't get selected - would someone like to do a swap with me in the spirit of the Party?!

And finally - as promised - here is a free pattern for "Free Pattern Friday"!  If you use it please send me a picture, I'd love to see it!  (same with the other patterns!)
(just right click and "save image", then enlarge when you print!)


  1. This is turning out to be a very busy month for all of us but I am so happy to see you take the time to watch that beautiful sunrise. The pictures are awesome!

  2. Wasn't that sunrise amazing! I was drinking my coffee and reading the paper and I glanced out the window and was thrilled with the colors. You were lucky to be outside to take some pictures. It really was spectacular! I love the freebie pattern.
    And, I'll swap with you if you don't get into the blog party.

  3. Amy, Those are beautiful shots of the sunrise. I really like the first one where the woods are black and the color is shining through the trees.
    Good luck on the BSBP this time around.

  4. Wow Amy those sunrises are should get these turned into those cool photo canvases!


  5. I am really hoping to get into the lottery but if neither of suceed I would be happy to swap with you.


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